Aerolatte Instructions for Use

Basic frothing instructions
  1. Fill one third of a tall mug with milk and heat to 60° C. For milkshakes, ensure the milk is fridge cold.
  2. Insert Aerolatte's whisk into the milk close to the mug's base.
  3. Switch on for 15-20 seconds moving the whisk slowly around the outside of the mug. As the milk begins to thicken, raise the Aerolatte. so that it is always just under the top of the froth. Dip it down again every now and again just to be sure that all the milk is getting frothed.
Remember to switch off the Aerolatte. before removing it from the milk!

Now pour your favorite, prepared coffee slowly into the frothed milk for a great cappuccino. Alternatively, froth your milk in a jug and then pour it into a cup of coffee, spooning out the rich foam.

For chocolate or other flavored milk (including malt drinks), add the powder or syrup to the milk before frothing. Do not use the quick-dissolving instant milkshake powders, we recommend milkshake syrups for delicious cold shakes. For a really original and healthy drink, why not try fresh fruit juice mixed with milk using the Aerolatte. You can even whisk instant coffee granules with cold milk or water for a delicious, thick frappe.
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