Homemade Yum!
Baking is one of the sweetest memories from childhood. Remember licking the beaters and helping Mom bake totally awesome cookies, then devouring them with a tall, cold glass of milk? Keep those traditions and memories alive and start baking!

Whether you are an experienced baker or just beginning to learn how to bake, Kitchen Kapers has hundreds of top rated non stick, insulated, stainless, glass, aluminum and silicone baking pans and bakeware, plus a full-range of mixing bowls and measuring cups, and all the necessary baking tools and gadgets to help make baking at home easier, faster and more fun. Get everything you need and need to know to become a better baker!

For the Beginning Baker... more

While baking is certainly more precise than cooking, there's no need to be intimidated. With a good recipe in hand, a top quality baking pan, a few essential baking tools at the ready and some useful tips and tricks up your sleeve, you too can bake with excellent results.

We've pulled together some useful information to help you along as you delve into the world of baking. Start with our How To Bake A Cake guide. It walks you through every step, from properly greasing your cake pans and pre-measuring your ingredients to tips for mixing batter and testing your cake for doneness. We'll also help you get the right baking pans and baking tools. Learn all about different bakeware materials and visit our cake pan and baking gadget sections. If the choices seem overwhelming, just choose from Our Favorite Cake Pans and make sure you've got everything from our 7 Essential Baking Tools page.

Need a little inspiration? We've included links to past issues of our e-newsletter, homemade fun!, throughout our Baking Sections. These e-newsletters are packed with helpful baking tips and techniques on a variety of baking subjects. Each issue features up to three kitchen tested step-by-step illustrated recipes that will help teach you everything from how to make light and flaky biscuits and delicious tender crepes. As you come across these past issues of homemade fun! we urge you to take a moment to look through them.

Need help finding what you are looking for?

Our Baking Section is organized by what you are making, ie; cakes, brownies, pies, etc. You will also find that we have organized things by product types, as well, ie; cake pans, brownie pans, pie dishes, measuring cups, stand mixers, etc.

Use the navigation list to the left and/or the links above to find the products and categories you are looking for. Or, if you prefer, just type the name of the product or keyword(s) into the search bar in the at the top of the page and click on the blue search button. Got questions? Just email us at and we'll be glad to help. Happy Baking!
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