Ballarini Parma Non-Stick Cookware

Ballarini Parma Non-Stick Cookware is an exceptionally well-made aluminum line, coated inside and out with an innovative, PFOA-free, non-stick surface. Each piece is also fitted with Ballarini's THERMOPOINT technology; a dot at the handle turns red when the pan surface is sufficiently hot to cook, and green when it is safe to handle! Manufacturing begins with 99.9% pure aluminum- the purest in the industry, and Ballarini's cold-forged manufacturing process ensures each piece optimizes the fast, even-heating characteristics that make aluminum non-stick the most popular cookware on the market. It is also light-weight and extremely energy efficient.
When the pan body is complete it is coated inside and out with the innovative GRANITIUM speckled nonstick coating. This PFOA-free, ceramic reinforced surface delivers good searing heat when needed,is highly durable, scratch resistant and safe for use with metal utensils. GRANITIUM also exhibits exceptional release properties with a minimal use of cooking oils and it is completely dishwasher safe, or if you prefer, the inside and outside wipe clean easily. Finally, THERMOPOINT technology helps ensure the long-term performance of Parma Cookware by helping to prevent excessive heating, which can break down any non-stick coating prematurely. This is high-performance cookware for real everyday cooking, made entirely in Italy by Ballarini.

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