Bamix of Switzerland has been impressing home and professional chefs alike with its collection of hand-held and immersion mixers since the 1950s, and with each new generation comes a new line of industry-leading machines to meet the needs of the modern chef. What sets the Bamix mixers apart from other immersion blenders on the market is their unique system of interchangable blades. Each blade is specifically designed to perform a particular task, whether it be whisking, beating, puréeing, etc., which enables the Bamix to fill the role of many larger kitchen appliances while taking up a fraction of the space. Bamix mixers also function differently from other standard blenders, by drawing food in from the sides of the container instead of the bottom. This unique action prevents vacuums from forming as you mix which can put strain on the motor, thus ensuring a longer life cycle for your Bamix. Try a Bamix mixer today and see for yourself why they've been the authority on immersion mixers for the last 60 years!

Discover the power and versatility of Bamix Hand Mixers with Chef Gordon Ramsay:

Watch more videos of the Bamix in action

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