Bialetti Mini Express

Instantly become an espresso connoisseur with the Bialetti Mini Express, a single-serve espresso machine that captures the true Italian passion for coffee. The Mini Express is a single-cup espresso machine with the pressure and portion size to dispense true, authentic Italian espresso. The powerful Mini Express brews the espresso at 190° F with a 20 bar (290 psi) high pressure system, which will provide you with that perfect crema you crave on your espresso every single time. High pressure and good coffee are key to getting the best extraction and the most flavor from your coffee, and the Bialetti Mini Express system has both.

This single serve espresso machine uses Bialetti's I Caffe d'Italia 7 gram aluminum capsules, which are available in 5 regionally unique blends, so they take the guesswork out of measuring the perfect amount of coffee grounds. The easy to use capsule system loads and expels capsules with just one motion. When you lift the top handle the used capsule is automatically ejected and you can insert a new capsule. The expelled capsules are ejected into a convenient, easily removable receptacle that can store up to 10 used capsules. Plus, since the capsules are made of aluminum they can easily be recycled.

The Mini Express is simple to operate and doesn't require hours of reading instruction manuals in order to use. It has a removable 20 oz. water reservoir with a quick-view level marker. A red LED light lets you know that the machine is warming up and a green LED light lets you know when the machine is ready to brew. The Mini Express takes about 60 seconds to heat up after being turned on and can brew a 2 oz. shot in about 30 seconds. Its easy start-and-stop dispensing allows you to brew your espresso shot the way you want it. Simply push the central switch to start the brewing process. The water will continuously flow until the switch is pushed a second time, allowing you to customize each pull of espresso you make. Perhaps you enjoy it bold as a beverage and milder when adding it to recipes like Tiramisu or espresso pound cake. With the Bialetti Mini Express, the choice is all yours. The machine also comes with a 10 capsule starter pack of coffee featuring 2 capsules of each coffee blend. Designed in Italy. Hand wash removable parts. Not dishwasher safe. 2-year limited warranty. Available in black or red. Dimensions: 8" w x 10.5" h x 12" d.

Features of the Bialetti Mini Express include:
  • Convenient start-and-stop dispensing function allows you to customize each cup brewed
  • Easy to use capsule system loads and expels capsules in one motion
  • Removable capsule collection receptacle stores up to 10 used capsules
  • Removable 20 oz. water reservoir with quick-view level marker
  • Green LED brewing indicator light
  • 20 bar (290 psi) high pressure pump brewing system for perfect crema and remarkable flavor
  • Heats up in 60 seconds
  • Brews a 2 oz. shot in 30 seconds
  • Includes a 10 capsule starter pack, 2 of each blend
  • Uses I Caffe d'Italia 7 gram coffee capsules
  • Capsules available in 5 regionally unique coffee blends

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