Elki Gourmet

Elki began when some folks from Scandinavia asked for help marketing their high quality preserves. Little did they know at the time what a huge hit these would become. Although the line of preserves was manufactured in Denmark, the ingredients only came from the regions of the world that have the perfect harvesting conditions for the best quality, best tasting fruit and berries.

Since that humble beginning, Elki, named after two sisters; Elizabeth and Kirsten, has continued to earn a solid reputation in the gourmet food industry by using only high quality ingredients to create their fine products. For instance, their lingonberries are hand-picked in Denmark and Finland and their wild blueberries are special, small blueberries that grow in north Scandinavian forests close to the polar circle with 24 hour sunlight. Although Elki now carries a much more diverse product line then just preserves and jams, their commitment and dedication to quality, fresh ingredients is still all will you taste in every product that Elki now produces.

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