Espro Coffee Press

The Espro Coffee Press is a revolutionary new French press design. The Espro Press is comprised of a two-step micron mesh filter system which is 9 to 12 times finer than any press filter in the world. The filters consist of a basket-style filter and a top filter. The basket filter is not for coffee, as you might suppose. Coffee gets added to the vessel just as you would in a standard French press, and then you add the water. The brewed coffee is filtered first through the basket portion of the filter, then again through the top filter. The two filters are sealed together with an o-ring and the entire filter system seals itself to the inner walls of the vessel with a double-lipped silicone seal. The basket, made of a slightly coarser mesh, pre-filters the coffee, which is then forced through the ultra-fine mesh of the top filter. Together, these two microfilters strain out nearly all the sediment while they're pressed down through the pot. This produces the rich, full-flavored taste that makes French press coffee so revered, without any of the bitterness that excess silt can cause, and will never give you that dirty mouth feeling of a traditional cup of French press coffee. The microfilters also allow you to taste the wonderful natural oils of the coffee bean which paper filters tend to remove. The double micron mesh filter design not only keeps grounds out of your cup of coffee, but the top filter is so fine that it prevents overextraction after the coffee has been pressed. This means that your last cup will taste just as good as the first cup.

The Espro Coffee Press vessel is also expertly designed, using two stainless steel walls with vacuum insulation between them, allowing the outside to stay cool, while the inside remains hot for 1 to 2 hours. This allows you the freedom to brew now and still serve good, hot coffee later. The sleek, glossy stainless steel vessel is perfectly completed with the addition of its large, curved handle brazed to the body, providing a secure attachment for confident and easy pouring. In addition, the use of stainless steel means no more replacing broken glassware. The Espro Coffee Press is light enough to carry and robust enough to survive practically anything, so have your perfect cup of coffee anywhere that life takes you. Dishwasher safe or clean with a bottle brush. Filters are BPA, BPS and phthalate free. Assembled in Canada from parts made in Canada, the US and China. Medium size makes 18 oz (1.5-2 US cups, 3-4 EU cups). Large size makes 30 oz (3-4 US cups, 6-8 EU cups).

Espro Coffee Press Tips:
  • Use coarse ground coffee for best results
  • Pre-heating vessel by filling it with hot water assists in temperature control during extraction.
  • After adding coffee, clean any excess grinds off top lip
  • After adding hot water, wait 4 minutes before pressing
  • If in a hurry, use extra coffee grounds and wait 2 minutes before pressing
  • If hard to push plunger down, pull up slightly to clear filter, then push down.
  • Never use your body weight to push plunger down
Troubleshooting Tips:
If grinds are getting in your cup:
  • Make sure both filters are properly installed, with nothing between them
  • Make sure no grinds are left on top lip before adding water
  • Never fill press past the top fill line (The upper area inside vessel flares out, which can allow coffee grounds around the filter seals)
  • Check your grinds. Very fine grinds can increase sediment in your cup. Try using a coarser grind
  • Check that filters are intact. Although filters are extremely durable, sharp objects can cut them. Replacement filters are available (though rarely needed).

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