Global Knives

Global Knives are a truly impactful line of Japanese cutlery, whose innovative manufacturing redefined the standard for stamped knives, and helped drive a seismic shift towards the lighter and thinner Asian-style blades that now dominate the quality knife market.

Global's G and GS series blades are stamped from "CROMOVA 18" stainless steel, an attractive designer alloy with proprietary ratios of chromium, molybdenum and vanadium added. Hollow, stainless steel handles are molded separately, and then filled with the exact amount of sand needed to create the perfect balance for each blade. Then blade and handle are precision-welded together before undergoing many stages of shaping, honing, polishing and finishing- all performed by the hands of skilled craftsmen.
The resulting knives are seamless, light, elegant, and perform with a speed and agility that traditional German knives just don't have. Global's impressive and durable designer alloy holds a seriously sharp 17° bevel-per-side edge, yet they are not as brittle as the super-hard premium Japanese carbon steel blades. This means they can handle the occasional knocks that happen in professional kitchens without chipping, and edges will readily resharpen with ease. Global knives are an ideal choice for the home or professional cook and are available in a broad range of profiles and sizes to fit any type of food prep.
All Global knives are manufactured by the Yoshikin company in Niigata, Japan and carry a manufacturer's lifetime warranty.

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