Useful Information for Fresh Herbs

There is nothing quite like the rewarding feeling of seeding, growing, and using your own fresh herbs. Not only do you immediately feel like you are doing something healthy for yourself, but the sudden burst of new tastes and smells makes you feel like your kitchen is that of a gourmet chef. However, if you are just starting out, growing your own herbs can be daunting at first. Which ones would you use the most, and what herb works best with what kind of food? How do you go about growing herbs? How exactly do you preserve the herbs that you don't use? But never fear...growing your own herbs is fantastically simple and actually requires a lot less work than you would imagine!
Herbs have been used for thousands of years for both medicinal and seasoning purposes. Once only the tools of monks and healers, herbs are now used widely by chefs and naturalists alike. The unique healing properties of fresh herbs are still there, but today herbs are used more and more for enhancing the flavor of the foods we eat. Because herbs add so many different new flavors to food, the need for unhealthy sauces, fats, and salts has diminished somewhat. After all, why drown a beautifully healthy piece of salmon in a fatty sauce if you can get the same amount of flavor by using a few choice herbs while preparing the salmon? In addition, there's nothing like a selection of fresh herbs growing on the windowsill or in the garden to lift the spirits with their fragrance! All you need to reap the endless benefits of these ancient plants is a sunny windowsill, a little patience, a good mortar and pestle, and a lot of love!

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