Most Common Herbs and Their Uses

Aloe Vera : Used on skin irritations such as sunburns, rashes, burns, and itching.

Basil: Used mainly in pasta dishes, pesto, and with tomatoes.

Bay: Used mainly in meat dishes and stews. Can also be used in fish dishes and soups.

Chamomile: Used in tea.

Cardamom: Used in Indian cooking as a curry spice. It is usually combined with other spices like ginger, coriander, and cumin.

Chervil: Used mainly in french cuisine, it is added to soups and sauces and pairs well with eggs and chicken.

Chives: With a slight onion flavor, can be used in almost any savory dish. Particularly good with eggs and potatoes.

Cilantro: Leaves of the coriander plant. Used mainly in latin cooking for salsas and ceviche, can also be used in Asian and Indian cooking.

Cloves: Used mainly in cooked apples and fruits. Also pair well with pork and ham. Make a fantastic mulled wine.

Coriander: Seeds are used mainly in breads and cakes, can also be used to make chutneys. Coriander leaves are also known as Cilantro.(see above)

Dandelion: Young leaves are used in salads to give a pungent taste.

Dill: Used mainly with fish dishes, can also be used in soups and sauces and is great with eggs.

Fennel: Used mainly fish dishes, but can also be used in meat and vegetable dishes.

Garlic: Used in virtually every form cooking, but particularly good in italian dishes.

Ginger: Used mainly in Indian, Chinese, and Thai cooking, it adds a hot spicy kick. Especially good with chicken.

Lemon Balm: Used mainly in teas and potpourris.

Marjoram: Used mainly in italian sauces and in chicken dishes. (also known as Sweet Marjoram)

Oregano: Used mainly in italian dishes and sauces.

Parsley: Used mainly in meat and fish dishes, can also be used in soups and sauces and with eggs and cheese.

Rosemary: Used mainly in meat dishes and in vinegars and marinades.

Sage: Used mainly in meat dishes but pairs will with cheese dishes.

Savory: Used mainly in bean dishes, but also pairs well with meat and chicken.

Tarragon: Used mainly in meat and fish dishes, can also be used in vinegars and oils.

Thyme: Used mainly in meat and fish dishes, also works well with poultry and in stews.

Turmeric: Used mainly in Indian meat and vegetable dishes.

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