A Sharp Knife is a Safe Knife!

It may seem counter-intuitive, but the safest knife to use is a really sharp one. So sharp that it can cut paper. That's because a properly sharp edge simply goes in the direction you send it, cutting through any food easily and with very little "pushing" effort.

But when an edge is dull and can't bite into say, a carrot, the user has to apply more force to make the edge cut. When a dull knife edge has force behind it, it is just a matter of time before it "turns" and deflects away from what you are trying to cut, and then go off (...because there is force behind it) in the direction of something that you absolutely do not want to cut. Such as the fingers holding the carrot in place. And our skin cuts much more easily than many fruits and vegetables...

So be sure to keep your knife edges in very good shape. Either find a reputable knife sharpening service in your area or buy one of the many culinary knife sharpeners available and learn how to use it well. Only cut on knife-friendly cutting boards (never on glass or stone boards!) and be sure you have a good storage solution that protects edges. Never use chipped, bent, corroded or other damaged knives.

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