Burr Grinders
How a burr grinder works
Burr grinders work by grinding the beans between two opposing burrs. One burr remains stationary and the other rotates pulverizing the bean in between. More

Maintaining a burr grinder
When cleaning a burr grinder, remove the plastic lid of the grinder and immerse it in warm soapy water.

The blades can be rid of coffee residue with a brush and the interior and blades can then be wiped with a damp cloth.

Because the blade grinder is electrical; under no circumstances should the grinder itself be immersed in water.

For electrical burr grinders the burrs are not accessible enough to take apart. So in order to clean the burrs they should be brushed with a stiff brush.

Brush the burrs until you don't notice any coffee residue falling free and then remove the brush from the machine.

Turn the machine on and then off again. This will give you access to another section of the burrs.

Brush this area free of residue and remove the brush from the machine.

Turn the machine on and then off again. Repeat this process until you are sure you have cleaned all "sides" of the burrs.

Properly maintained, a burr grinder used in the home should last for a long time.
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