Joseph Joseph Chop2Pot Plus Folding Cutting Board

Transferring foods from your cutting board to your cooking pot can sometimes be a messy task, and a classic bench scraper can't always do the job. Enter the Chop2Pot Plus Folding Cutting Board by Joseph Joseph. This ingeniously designed cutting board is a chopping surface and transfer tool in one. Its durable, knife-friendly cutting surface is ideal for all types of food preparation, whether your slicing meat, chopping veggies, or cutting up fruit. Then, once your food is prepped, simply squeeze the handle and it transforms the once-flat cutting board into a large scoop, so you can easily transport your ingredients right to your cooking pot. The secret to its versatility is Joseph Joseph's proven "Living Hinge" technology which allows the cutting board to fold easily when needed yet remain solid and sturdy beneath your knife as you cut. The Chop2Pot Plus also features a soft-grip handle for added comfort and non-slip feet. Clean up is a cinch, as the Chop2Pot Plus is dishwasher safe. Measures 15.75" x 8.75" x 15.75".

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