Mavea Water Filtration

Mavea water filtration systems are specifically designed to reduce the chlorine taste and odor of tap water, making your drinking water clearer and even more refreshing. Use Mavea-filtered water to improve the flavor of all your water-based drinks including tea and coffee and even to make ice cubes. The filtration system of Mavea is so advanced it will even help extend the life of your appliances by helping to reduce limescale build up. Using activated carbon and ion exchange resin beads combined with the unique filter shape, Mavea water filtration systems not only helps reduce limescale but also removes cadmium, copper, mercury, atrazine, simazine, benzene and tetracholoroethylene.

Mavea filter cartridges filter water in 4 steps. In Step 1, the water passes through a fine mesh filter for intensive pre-filtration. In Step 2, the ion exchange resin beads work to reduce any lime scale, cadmium, copper and mercury. Step 3 features the activated carbon filtration which helps reduce substances which affect flavor and aroma like chlorine, benzene, tetrachloroethylene, atrazine and simazine. In the 4th and final step, the water undergoes an intensive final filtration through a fine mesh filter which retains all the undesirable particles so you can enjoy fresh, crystal clear water whenever you like.

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