Milk Frothers and Milk Steamers

Warm steamed milk and thick, rich frothed milk can add a touch of luxury to many hot beverages - from espresso to hot chocolate. Make perfect lattes, cappuccinos, macchiatos and more!

Types of stand alone Milk Frothers & Milk Steamers.
  • Fully Automatic Electric Milk Frothers like the top rated Aeroccino from Nespresso are the one-button solution for frothing. Not only do they make hot steamed milk in less than a minute they also produce rich, thick barista quality froth. They use a base similar to an electric kettle for the heat source and a small stainless whisk that stirs and froths the milk while it is heating.
  • Wand Frothers like the top-rated Aerolatte with stand and Aerolatte with case will produce great foam but won't heat or steam your milk. They operate on batteries and are a good choice if you heat your milk on the stove top or in the microwave.
  • Steam Pitchers are made of stainless and are a must have if you use a traditional espresso machine with a integrated steam wand.
  • Plunger Type Frothers work with cold milk and feature a stainless mesh plunger that you pump up and down to create the froth. If you want hot froth you can remove the metal plunger and place the glass beaker in the microwave.
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