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Quick Facts: - Nespresso Aeroccino

The Nespresso Aeroccino has really started a revolution in the way that people enjoy coffee drinks. No more hard to use steam wands, no messy handheld whisks. Simply put your milk in the Nespresso Frother and press the button. Press it briefly to make hot frothed or steamed milk for lattes, cappuccinos, macchiatos or frothy rich hot chocolate. Hold the button on the Aeroccino in for about two seconds and it makes cold frothed milk for iced lattes or cappuccinos.

When you're done, the Nespresso Aeroccino is super-easy to clean. It has a smooth, nonstick interior that you can rinse out and wipe with a sponge. The two whisk attachments (one for frothed milk and one for steamed milk) attach with a magnet, so they're easy to pull out and clean. There are no cracks, seams, or sharp edges inside the Aeroccino for milk residue to get stuck in.

The Aeroccino is backed by a one year warranty

Aeroccino Review by Ed Countey:

Bottom Line: A great machine! It makes frothing/steaming milk easy. The froth is also of the quality that a seasoned barista would make. With polished stainless good looks on the Aeroccino Plus and a cool modern finish on the Aeroccino 3, it also gets points for the cool factor. A great tool for its purpose and a fun gadget you'll want to show off to friends.

Aeroccino Review by Anne Marie, Kitchen Kapers English Village:

The Aeroccino's primary function is frothing, and I really do feel it does the most excellent job of it. It is such thick foam that you need to spoon it out. Some of the Aeroccino�s features would be it�s quick to froth. It will make froth for a cappuccino or a latte. It can heat your milk, or it will keep it cool. And it�s very easy to clean. There�s nothing I could improve on this machine, and I would definitely buy it. It�s on my wish list, actually.

Aeroccino Review by Kim, Kitchen Kapers East Gate:

The Nespresso Aeroccino can be used to produce hot or cold milk froth, or just to heat milk for your coffee. In just seconds, it produces a light, creamy froth that allows anyone to enjoy hot coffee and milk, cappuccino, caf� latte, or latte macchiato at the push of a button.

The Aeroccino is a compact, standalone device, making it easy to store on the countertop. It contains two whisks for frothing or steaming, making it easy to create any number of coffee-based recipes. Its large capacity makes it ideal for creating hot milk and milk froth for two beverages simultaneously.

It is quick and efficient. There are only two steps involved�pour the milk and push a button. The Aeroccino will produce hot milk froth in 70 seconds, cold milk froth in 60 seconds, and hot milk in just 130 seconds.

The Aeroccino is available in two designs. The Aeroccino 3 is a retro style design in black, and the Aeroccino Plus has a stainless steel body inspired by the 1930�s. They are both a great accompaniment to any Nespresso machine.

The Aeroccino 3 and Aeroccino Plus are updated versions of the original Aeroccino. They are larger than the original version and they can be submerged in water, making them really easy to clean.

I would like to see one with a little larger capacity because it can overflow if you are not careful about keeping the milk under the fill line. But as long as you don�t overfill it, it works great.

It�s a great little machine, quick and efficient, great for a variety of beverages. I�d definitely buy one.

Read the transcript for our Nespresso Aeroccino Overview and Comparison video.

This is the Nespresso Aeroccino, which is Nespresso's stand-alone milk frothing, milk steaming solution. There are two models available. This is the Aeroccino Plus, which has the stainless housing, and it's got a retro handle to it. This is the Aeroccino 3, which has the kind of sleeker look to it.

Functionally, they are the same. A couple slight differences in the way they are put together. But your main difference is cosmetic; this is why you would choose one over the other.

The Aeroccino Plus, you see it comes off its base there. The lid comes off and there are two different frothing attachments. This one that's currently stored in the lid is for steamed milk. And inside we've got this attachment, which is for frothed milk for a cappuccino or a macchiato.

We can see that when it goes down into place it's actually held in with a magnet so that it doesn't fall out when you are pouring your milk. And the spare attachments can be stored in the lid here on the Aeroccino Plus.

The Aeroccino 3 is a little different. It still functions the same and makes the same froth or steamed milk. You will see the attachments are not stored in the lid on this one. There's actually this little piece here that folds over and then your spare attachment is in there. So this is the attachment for the steamed milk, and then in here is the attachment for the frothed milk.
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