Nespresso Gran Maestria
Nespresso Gran Maestria Brings The Experience Of A True Barista Right Into Your Kitchen At A Great Low Price.

Authentic espresso - the ultimate in pressure-brewed coffee! The Nespresso's Gran Maestria is a powerful 19 bar espresso machine that produces rich, thick crema with a simple push of a button. No grinding, measuring or tamping needed. Nespresso's foolproof capsule system keeps your countertop cleaner, because there are no messy, hot and wet coffee grounds to deal with. Just drop in one of Nespresso's 16 Gran Crus capsules, close the capsule holder, then simply push a button to brew. With the Gran Maestria's 10 volume settings, you get a truly customized cup of coffee, just the way you like it. From a ristretto (just under an ounce) to a tall Lungo (just over 5 ounces), everyone can delight in the coffee of their choosing.

Big Ambitions- Compact Size.

You don't need to hog valuable kitchen counter space to enjoy authentic, fully-aromatic pressure brewed espresso at home. Unlike other large and bulky automatic espresso machines, the Nespresso line is designed with practicality and function in mind. Less is more if the "less" is quality craftsmanship that is designed to be pleasing to the eye and combined with the latest in brewing and frothing technology. The Maestria line features full aluminum bodies and fine-tuned features. The Maestria features an easy to use steam wand while the Gran Maestria comes complete with the new Aeroccino4 milk frother. Create four types of milk froth with the simple and fast Aeroccino4 on Nespresso's Gran Maestria.

Aeroccino4 Features:
  • creamy and velvety hot milk froth is perfect for lattes
  • Dense (or dry) hot milk froth is suitable for cappuccinos
  • Steamed hot milk is perfect for cafe au latte
  • Creamy cold milk froth works nicely with iced coffees
Another first for Nespresso is the on-board cup warmer. This unique feature lets you warm up your glass or cup before brewing. Just turn your mug upside down over the cup warmer and gently push down. The Gran Maestria shoots a stream of hot water up inside your cup taking the chill off! Now, your ready to brew.

Gran Maestria Features at a Glance:
  • 19 bars of pressure
  • Quick heating Thermoblock heating element
  • Large 1.4 liter removable water reservoir
  • 10 volume settings from just under an ounce to over 5 ounces
  • Nespresso's fool-proof capsule system
  • Large capsule holder holds 10-14 used capsules
  • NEW! Integrated Aeroccino4 stainless steel milk frother with 4 settings instead of two
  • All aluminum body
  • Compact Design
  • Pivoting cup support accommodates an espresso cup or tall mug or glass
  • Integrated hot water cup warmer
  • Programmable auto-shut off
  • Available in two colors - Titanium and Platinum
  • Two year manufacturer warranty
Gran Maestria Benefits AT A Glance:
  • Perfect espresso with rich thick crema every time
  • No grinding and no tamping - it's easy and simple to use
  • Brew cup after cup with no waiting
  • Convenient hot water cup warmer instantly heats your cup or glass
  • Choose your favorite coffee from a ristretto (less than an ounce) to a tall Lungo (just over 5 ounces).
  • No hot and messy coffee grounds to dispose of
  • Easily froth and steam milk with three hot settings and one cold setting
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The Nespresso Difference - The Grand Crus

Coffee at its finest. One of the biggest impediments to brewing and enjoying barista-quality espresso and pressure-brewed coffee at home is the coffee itself. The coffee blend, freshness, quality and grind all play an important role in the finished product. Ensuring authentic great tasting espresso starts with the coffee and then the extraction process. You also need the right pressure and the right timing.

Nespresso has simplified the skilled art of the Barista so anyone can enjoy a true espresso experience right in the comfort and convenience of your own kitchen.

16 Grand Crus - You're Sure To Find A Favorite
Nespresso's coffee experts have assembled 16 Grand Crus with distinctive individual characteristics and aroma profiles.

The Espresso Range
The espresso collection features seven varieties from bold and robust to subtle and smooth.
  • Ristretto - Arabica with a touch of Robusta, strong roasted notes softened by notes of chocolate. Perfect for Ristretto and Espresso.
  • Arpeggio - A dark roast of pure Arabica beans, intense grilled notes alongside subtle cocoa notes. Also perfect for Ristretto and Espresso.
  • Roma - Arabica and Robusta blend is full and balanced, with roasted and woody notes. Perfect for a classic Cappuccino, as well as Ristretto and Espresso.
  • Livanto - A rounded and well balanced full Arabica, with fruity and caramelized notes. Perfect for Espresso.
  • Capriccio - Rich and distinctive Arabica with a touch of Rubusta, has a light acidity. Perfect for Espresso.
  • Volluto - Sweet and Fruity pure Arabica, reveals a sweet biscuity flavor and light acidity. Perfect for Espresso.
  • Cosi - Light and lemony Arabicas blend, light-bodied with strong citrus notes. Perfect for Espresso.
Pure Origin Coffees
Three distinct blends that are region specific offer the ultimate in coffee refinement.
  • Indriya from India - a noble marriage of Arabicas with a hint of Robosta from southern India, full-bodied with distinct personality and spice notes. Perfect for Ristretto and Espresso.
  • Rosabaya de Columbia - fine individually roasted Colombian Arabicas, subtle acidity and fruity notes. Perfect for Espresso.
  • Dulsao do Brazil - pure Arabica blend that is delicate and balanced, sweet and complex. Perfect for Espresso.
The Lungo Range
These three blends offer a bit more coffee for a larger cup.
  • Vivalto Lungo - balanced and complex Arabica is the perfect mix of several origins that result in a rich, sweet cup with subtle floral notes. Perfect for a taller coffee.
  • Fortissio Lungo - Arabica with a hint of Robusta, intense and full-bodied blend with a bit of bitterness. Perfect for a taller cup.
  • Finezzo Lungo - delicate marriage of lightly roasted Arabicas, notes of jasmine and orange blossom. Perfect for a larger cup.
The Decaffeinated Range
Bold blends without the caffeine.
  • Decafeinato - a blend of Arabicas with a touch of Robusta is lightly roasted, hints of red fruit, wine and a buttery note. Perfect for Espresso.
  • Decafeinato Intenso - dark roasted full-bodied decaf espresso, intense body with chocolate notes. Perfect for Espresso.
  • Decafeinato Lungo - slow roasted Arabicas with a touch of Robusta, smooth creamy body. Perfect for a taller cup.
Plus, Limited Edition Grand Crus are released in limited quantities each year.

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