Nespresso Maestria
Look below for our video overview , demonstration and froth and steam wand demonstration of the Maestria.

Be your own Barista with the Nespresso Maestria.

Indulge! Enjoy an authentic, perfectly crafted espresso, right in your own kitchen without the hassle of grinding and tamping the coffee. The Nespresso Maestria brews with 19 bars of pressure to produce delicious espresso with a rich, thick crema. Using Nespresso's foolproof capsule system, you can make this perfect espresso without having to grind, measure or tamp your coffee. Say goodbye to messy countertops and the pain of dealing with hot, wet coffee grounds. To brew, just drop in one of Nespresso's 16 Gran Cru capsules, close the capsule holder, and push a button. It's that simple. Prefer to customize your cup? Not a problem. With the Maestria's 10 volume settings, you can enjoy your coffee, just the way you like it. From a ristretto (just under an ounce) to a tall Lungo (just over 5 ounces), everyone can savor the delicious flavor of their own perfectly brewed cup.

Nespresso Maestria features include:
  • 19 bars of pressure for optimal brewing
  • Quick heating Thermoblock heating element
  • Large 1.4 liter removable water reservoir
  • 10 volume settings from just under an ounce to over 5 ounces
  • Nespresso's fool-proof capsule system
  • Large capsule holder holds 10-14 used capsules
  • Integrated steam wand for frothing milk to enjoy delicious cappuccinos or lattes
  • All aluminum body
  • Compact Design
  • Pivoting cup support accommodates an espresso cup or tall mug or glass
  • Programmable auto-shut off
  • Two year manufacturer's warranty
Maestria Benefits At A Glance:
  • Perfect espresso with rich thick crema every time
  • No grinding and no tamping - it's easy and simple to use
  • Brew cup after cup with no waiting
  • Choose your favorite coffee from a ristretto (less than an ounce) to a tall Lungo (just over 5 ounces).
  • No hot and messy coffee grounds to dispose of
  • Easily froth and steam milk with the attached steam wand
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Discover the Difference of Quality Coffee with the Nespresso Grand Cru Capsule System
Nespresso has become synonymous with the finest coffee, and after you have a taste of one of their delicious Grand Crus, it's easy to understand why. Nespresso takes great pride and care in sourcing their coffee, grinding it perfectly, and delivering it to your door, so you can enjoy the freshest coffee in the most convenience package. Nespresso's highly skilled coffee experts have assembled 16 Grand Crus with distinctive individual characteristics and aroma profiles to give you a wide variety of choices for your morning cup. To learn, more about Nespresso's Grand Cru collection, visit our Nespresso Grand Cru page.

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Watch our Nespresso Maestria Overview video or read the transcript below:

Hi, I'm Pete with Kitchen Kapers, and we're talking about the Nespresso Maestria. The first thing you are going to notice about this machine is how solid it is and how heavy it is. That's because it's actually an all metal construction machine. This is the first time that Nespresso has done an all metal machine, and it's really come out nice. It's really going to go well with your high-end appliances and your other nice appliances on your countertop, like your stand mixer.

The other thing you are going to notice right away is this cool retro styling. I think one of my favorite points of that is this cool switch on the side, which is just your off, your on; your steam switch is down here.

Moving a little bit more forward on the machine here, you've got two programmable buttons for a short cup and a long cup. So you just hit those to brew and it will stop once it's brewed the right amount of coffee. You can adjust that. You've got all these settings here for your short and then all these settings here for your long. That adjusts how much coffee comes out when you push the button.

Below that you've got these two different cup trays. So you've got this higher one which is if you want to use a small cup - like a shot of espresso, maybe a double shot, a small cup of cappuccino - you put the cup there, and you are nice and close to where the coffee comes out. If you want to do a travel mug, though, you can just pop this up and you've got all this room for a travel mug, which is a really cool feature because with most espresso machines you just can't fit a tall cup, a travel cup in there, and I really like that.

This is the capsule tray and kind of your drip tray here. Just pulls right out to empty your capsules. This pops right out. You can just dump them in the trash. On the back here you've got this water tank. It's nice and easy to remove; it's a nice big water tank. Just pop it right off, take it to the sink, fill it right back up.
Watch our Nespresso Maestria Demonstration or read the transcript below:

I'm Pete with Kitchen Kapers, and we're going to brew some coffee with the Nespresso Maestria. It's nice and easy. You just pull this lever up here, take your Nespresso capsule - it just drops in sideways here - put your lever down.

Now, you've got two buttons on the front here. You've got this one for your short cup and this one for your long cup. You can adjust the amount of volume that you want just by turning it here. So if you've got multiple people in your house, everyone can figure out which number they like to use.

So to do the short cup, I've got a little cup here. I'm just going to move it, turn the dial to where I want it, push the button. And you'll see that it stops right where I want it to stop or where I set the dial. And, of course, you've got that gorgeous Nespresso coffee with that nice crema on it.

Now to do a long cup, I've got my bigger cup here because I want to make a nice cappuccino. And you can see I can't actually fit it under there. And you might not be able to fit this cup under a lot of espresso machines. So Nespresso's got this handy little flip-up tray there, and I can fit a tall cup here. I could even fit a travel mug in that space.

I'm going to need to put in another capsule. Pull that up, it just automatically ejects my used capsule. Take my next capsule, put it in there. And I want a pretty long coffee, so I'm going to turn it up a bit. And we're going to hit the button, and it's going to brew.

Now, if for some reason I realize while it's brewing mid-brew that I actually don't want any more coffee, all you have to do is hit the button once more and it's going to stop, and you've got a nice long cup of coffee there.

Again, pop it up; it automatically ejects it. Once you've made a few cups here and your capsule container is full, to empty it you just pull that out. This comes right out. You can just take this right over to your recycling bin.
Watch our Nespresso Maestria Froth and Steam Wand Demonstration or read the transcript below:

Hi, I’m Pete with Kitchen Kapers, and we’re talking about the Nespresso Maestria. Today we are going over the frothing wand—how to froth milk. And we’re going to make a cappuccino.

So the first thing you want to do to froth milk is you are going to take this selector switch on the side, normally, you are going to have it in the off position if you are just making coffee. We are going to turn it to the on position. You’ll see that there is an indicator light here in the center that’s going to turn on when you move it to on. If the machine is not heated up yet, the steaming system is not heated up, it’s going to blink until it comes to temperature, and then it’s going to light solid like you’ll see it is right now.

We’re going to take this steaming wand and we’re going to move it over above the drip tray. And before you start steaming, you just want to move this to the steam position, which is all the way forward. You’ll see that we just blew a little bit of water out there at the end. You just want to kind of clean that out because you don’t want that in your milk. So once we do that, we move it back up here to the steaming or frothing position. We take our pitcher, we’ve got some milk in I t, and we’re going to stick this wand down in the pitcher.

Now, the wand has a sliding position here. If you want to do just do steamed milk, like you’re doing a latte, you just move it up. If you are doing cappuccino like we’re doing, you are going to move it down. And then you are just going to take that wand, stick it down into the pitcher. You want to make sure it’s in the milk before you turn it on, because you don’t want to splash milk all over you.

Move that in and we’re going to move this forward. And we’re just going to take 20, 30 seconds here to froth the milk. Now, I really like this feature. This is the first time Nespresso has put a frothing wand on a machine in a number of years, and I think that’s really cool. This is the way that I like to make my frothed milk for my cappuccinos. It kind of makes me feel more like a professional, more like a barista. And if you are entertaining, it’s great. You can impress your friends. It just takes a little bit of practice to be able to get really good at this.

And like I said, it’s only going to take you 20 or 30 seconds to get some nice froth. We’re just about there. Move it around a little bit.

All right. We’ve got some nice froth going here. I’m just going to spoon this into my cup. Some nice froth on the bottom. Going to pour in a little bit of steamed milk. Going to stick that there under the spout, and then we’re going to brew into it. So we’re just going to pop that up, throw our Nespresso capsule in. Brew a short shot in there. And there you have it. That is one gorgeous cappuccino.
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