Nespresso Vertuo Line

The Nespresso VertuoLine includes a series of high-performance and high-convenience brewers that produce 1.35-oz. shots of true espresso and rich 7.7-oz coffees with complex, nuanced flavors and mounds of thick crema at the push of a button. Vertuo brewers achieve deliciously good results due to Nespresso's proprietary Automatic Blend Recognition and Centrifusion™ technologies in conjunction with Nespresso VertuoLine Grand Cru capsules. Nespresso's brilliant system delivers hot, rich and flavorful cups every time and with the friendliest possible user experience....just load a capsule, position a cup and push the button!

Each machine is available alone or bundled with Nespresso's outstanding Aerocino Milk Frother, which broadens your coffee possibilities to include cappuccino, lattés, café au lait and many more delicious specialty drinks.

Perfect espresso and coffee are assured by Nespresso's innovative brewing system. Once a Grand Cru capsule is loaded, a barcode on the rim identifies itself to the brewer, which then applies the specific brewing parameters that have been individually optimized for each coffee. So no matter what type of coffee or espresso capsule you choose, the VertuoLine brewer will automatically adjust the water volume, the brew temperature, Centrifusion™ rotation speed and rate of water flow to produce the ideal extraction. Simultaneously, the Centrifusion™ feature spins the coffee capsule at a high rate of speed (up to 7000 rpm). When precisely heated and pressurized water is injected into the spinning pod, the infusion is fast and takes on the maximum possible flavor and full aroma without sacrificing the delicate nuances and smooth undertones of the Grand Cru coffee selections. And with a quick-heating water system that's ready to go in under 20 seconds, brewing is fast, delivered at the optimum temperature and finished with a fine foam of natural crema. Every. Time.

All Vertuo brewers share the same functionality and basic design that includes a 40-oz. (or greater) removable water tank, automatic pod ejection, and an automatic Off Mode which shuts the brewer down after 9 minutes of inactivity. An integrated used capsule bin will hold 13 or more empty pods neatly and is easily removed for disposal. Drip trays can be adjusted for small or large cups and remove easily for cleaning. Vertuo machines have a compact size that will easily fit on average kitchen counters and durable build quality in a variety of colors, finishes and accents; but all are covered by a manufacturer's 1-year warranty. VertuoLine Brewers are not compatible with original Nespresso Grand Cru capsules; a VertuoLine Sampler box with 8 Coffees and 4 Espressos is included.

Features of the Nespresso VertuoLine include:
  • Brew true espresso or large cup coffees
  • Automatic Blend Recognition for blend-specific brewing
  • Uses Centrifusion™ Technology for maximum flavor extraction
  • Short 15 second pre-heating time
  • Brews in only 35-52 seconds for espresso, 90-105 seconds for large cup coffee
  • Comes with VertuoLine sampler (8 coffee, 4 espresso)
  • Removable water tank
  • Automatic capsule ejection
  • Integrated, removable bin holds 14 or more used capsules
  • Multi position cup support can accommodate various sized cups
  • Brews with the push of a button
  • Optional, re-programmable water volumes
  • Descaling alert
  • 9 minute automatic shutoff
  • Made in Switzerland
  • Nespresso 1-year limited warranty
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