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Check out our Nespresso Comparison Chart. For a more in-depth comparison, see our Nespresso Buyer's Guide. Learn about Nespresso's 21 Grand Crus, or check out our Nespresso Q & A with Mary, manager of our King of Prussia store and one of our resident Nespresso Experts. Or you can check out this great blog post: My (not so secret) Love Affair with Nespresso.

Nespresso espresso machines have revolutionized espresso making. Nespresso offers an exclusive range of machines, both automatic and manual, that enable you to prepare your delicious, coffee-bar quality espresso right in your own home.

Whatever Nespresso espresso machine you choose, every model works by the Nespresso system. The Nespresso system is unique because it is based on a hermetically sealed capsule, which contains the precise amount of freshly roasted and ground coffee needed to make the perfect cup of espresso. These capsules help to lock in all of the coffee aromas, preserving them perfectly until the espresso is brewed and ready for drinking. Nespresso offers a wide range of premium coffee blends.

Try the Nespresso difference and you won't be disappointed. Cup after cup, Nespresso brings you the renewed pleasure of an espresso with a smooth, rich crema and unforgettable taste. hide...

Nespresso Buyer's Guide:
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Why choose Nespresso?
    Want to have your own personal barista? Done! Whether you prefer a quick shot of espresso, or enjoy savoring your morning cappuccino, latte or macchiato, Nespresso will turn your kitchen into your favorite little café. When you purchase a Nespresso machine you get everything you need to enjoy the rich flavors of a perfectly brewed espresso right in the comfort of your own home. You automatically become a member of the Nespresso Club, which gives you access to the best espresso available from around the world. Nespresso machines are easy to use and produce the best crema you will ever see. Crema is the caramel colored "froth" that sits on top of your freshly brewed espresso and is actually a great way to determine the quality of your cup of espresso. When your machine produces a thick crema this shows you that you are getting the most espresso possible from your beans. It's also a great indicator that the espresso is fresh and will be very flavorful. If you're still not certain how to rate your crema, you can give it what's called the "sugar test". After you have brewed your cup, slowly pour sugar over the top of the crema. If the sugar sits on top of the crema for a few seconds before sinking into your espresso, then your machine has produced a top-notch espresso. Since Nespresso machines have 19 bars of pressure, which is the highest amount of pressure produced by any machine on the market, they guarantee full extraction, which provides you with consistently delicious high quality espresso, cup after cup. Another reason Nespresso machines create fantastic crema is because their capsules (unlike pods) are hermetically sealed. The espresso will taste so fresh you will feel like you are in a little café in Italy.
Let's figure out which machine is best for you:

Are you a coffee or espresso drinker?
    Before you decide, let's dispel a common misconception about coffee and espresso. Espresso beans do not exist. In fact, espresso actually comes from standard coffee beans, which have been roasted for a longer period of time. This longer roasting time intensifies their flavor. The beans are then finely ground and the espresso is brewed using less water than standard coffee. So, espresso is essentially a concentrated coffee.

    Coffee drinkers - Nespresso offers Lungo capsules that are perfect for making an Americano, or what would be your standard cup of joe. The coffee in these capsules is perfectly blended to give you a delicious cup of coffee. They are also recommended for making cappuccinos, lattes and macchiatos.
    Espresso drinkers - Nespresso offers the best espresso found around the world. Since your espresso is brewed with 19 bars of pressure, you are guaranteed a rich, thick crema and a delicious espresso every time.
Do you prefer to add milk to your coffee?
    So you know that you prefer milk in your coffee/espresso, but maybe you are not sure what the difference is between a latte, cappuccino, macchiato or frappe? Here's a quick run down of what goes into making these delicious drinks:

    Latte: 2 parts milk, 1 part espresso
    Cappuccino: 1 part milk, 1 part espresso, 1 part foam
    Frappe: same as Cappuccino but served cold
    Macchiato: 2 parts espresso, 1 part foam
Now that you know what you need to make your ideal drink, there are several types of machines from which to choose.
    The Gran Maestria is one of the newest additions to Nespresso's collection of machines and it won't disappoint. This aluminum-bodied unit allows you to really customize your coffee, as it is the first Nespresso to offer 10 different volume settings. It doesn't just make delicious espressos, though. It also lets you whip up delicious cappuccinos, lattes and macchiatos thanks to its attached Aeroccino4 milk frother. It also has a built in cup warmer so you can make sure that your coffee is served at the perfect temperature.

    The Maestria lets you be your own barista! Brew your espresso just the way you like, then froth or steam your milk like a pro with the attached frothing wand. Whether you like a strong double shot of espresso or prefer a cocoa-dusted mocha latte macchiato, the aluminum-bodied Maestria has you covered.

    The Delonghi Lattissima and Delonghi Lattissima Plus both allow you to make the perfect latte, cappuccino or macchiato at the touch of a button. Just set the amount of foam, the amount of milk and the size of your drink for a perfectly customized coffee, every time. This machine is ideal for those who like lattes, cappuccinos or macchiatos but don't want the hassle of frothing.

    The Citiz+Milk can make espressos, cappuccinos, lattes and macchiatos and frappes as they come with an attached Aeroccino3 Milk Frother. The Aeroccino3 allows you to steam and froth milk and can even create cold froth! They are a fantastic starter Nespresso machine with frothing capability built right in.

    The Citiz, Pixie and the all new U models are also great starter machines for those just introduced to the world of Nespresso. All three make delicious espresso or Americano style coffee in a flash and come in a variety of colors to match any decor.

    The Essenza model is ideal for espresso purists. These no fuss, no frills units make delicious espresso. Plain and simple.

    We also offer the Essenza, Pixie, and U models in bundle packages with an Aeroccino, to save you money. The Nespresso Aeroccino is the ultimate accessory for Nespresso machines without a built-in frother. It has a compact design and can heat milk within 60 seconds. Plus this handy machine gives you the option of steaming or frothing, so you can make delicious cappuccinos, lattes or macchiatos and can even produce an excellent cold froth for those that prefer frappes. This frother attaches to a base that plugs in which makes it super easy to use and it's even great for traveling.
Size considerations
    For those with limited counter space we recommend the U. Its modular design allows you to remove the drip tray completely from the front to accommodate different sized cups, and swivel the water tank 180° around the back of the machine so that it can fit easily into corners and other tight spaces.
Regular or Decaf?
    Regular - Nespresso offers a variety of 16 Grand Crus that consist of different notes and strengths. These notes include cereal, honey, roast, woody, spicy, cocoa, lemony, fruity, winey and flowery. Nespresso is involved in all stages of their coffee production, from bean to cup. This guarantees that each capsule contains the crème de la crème of espresso.
    Decaf - While many companies use a chemical solvent to decaffeinate their coffee, Nespresso uses the "Swiss Water Method". This way the process is 100% natural and the caffeine is removed without altering the taste of the coffee.
What if I grind my own coffee?
    Nespresso capsules are hermetically sealed to guarantee the freshness of their coffee. This gives the same experience as if you had just ground the coffee yourself, without the hassle of actually needing to do it.
Are the capsules safe for the environment?
    Yes, the capsules are 100% recyclable and in some cases can be recycled without having to remove the grinds. Contact your local recycling center for more information.
Is the investment economical?
    Yes, while the average cup of coffee at a coffee house is $4.00, Nespresso capsules are only between 60 and 68 cents each. With these savings, the machines will pay for themselves in just 4 to 6 months.
Where do I purchase capsules?
    Capsules are available online and in select Nespresso boutiques around the world. Once you have an idea of what your consumption rate is Nespresso can set up an automatic replenishment schedule for you based on your needs. By controlling distribution of the capsules, Nespresso is able to ensure that you always receive the freshest, highest quality coffee. Nespresso delivers all capsule orders within two business days and also offer expedited shipping, should you need it.
Do Nespresso capsules meet my dietary restrictions?
    Nespresso capsules are Kosher and Halal certified.

Nespresso Comparison Chart:

Automatic Flow StopFrothing CapabilityEnergy Save ModeAuto Off FunctionRemovable Water TankAccommodates Tall Cups
Essenza Manual  Yes Yes 
Essenza FlowstopYes Yes Yes 
Essenza BundleYesYes w/ AerrocinoYes Yes 
UYes  YesYesYes
U BundleYesYes w/ Aerrocino YesYesYes
PixieYes  YesYesYes
Pixie BundleYesYes w/ Aerrocino YesYesYes
CitizYes Yes YesYes
Citiz+MilkYesYes w/ AerrocinoYes YesYes
LattissimaYesYes w/AttachmentYes YesYes
Lattissima PlusYesYes w/Attachment Yes, ProgrammableYesYes
MaestriaYesYes w/Wand Yes, ProgrammableYesYes
Gran MaestriaYesYes w/ Aerrocino Yes, ProgrammableYesYes

More features below:

Cup WarmerAluminum BodyCapsule Container CapacityWater Tank CapacityTypes of Preparations
Essenza Manual  12-1430.4 oz.Espresso, Lungo
Essenza Flowstop  12-1430.4 oz.Espresso, Lungo
Essenza Bundle  12-1430.4 oz.Espresso, Lungo, Cappuccino, Latte, Macchiato
U  1227 oz.Ristretto, Espresso, Lungo
U Bundle  1227 oz.Ristretto, Espresso, Lungo, Cappuccino, Latte, Macchiato
Pixie  9-1123.7 oz.Espresso, Lungo
Pixie Bundle  9-1123.7 oz.Espresso, Lungo, Cappuccino, Latte, Macchiato
Citiz  1033.8 oz.Espresso, Lungo
Citiz+Milk  1033.8 oz.Espresso, Lungo, Cappuccino, Latte, Macchiato
Lattissima  12-1440.5 oz.Espresso, Lungo, Cappuccino, Latte, Macchiato
Lattissima Plus  12-1430 oz.Espresso, Lungo, Cappuccino, Latte, Macchiato
Maestria Yes10-1447 oz.Espresso, Lungo, Cappuccino, Latte, Macchiato
Gran MaestriaYesYes10-1447 oz.Espresso, Lungo, Cappuccino, Latte, Macchiato

The Nespresso Difference - The Grand Crus
    Coffee at its finest. One of the biggest impediments to brewing and enjoying barista-quality espresso and pressure-brewed coffee at home is the coffee itself. The coffee blend, freshness, quality and grind all play an important role in the finished product. Ensuring authentic great tasting espresso starts with the coffee and then the extraction process. You also need the right pressure and the right timing.

    Nespresso has simplified the skilled art of the Barista with their innovative espresso machines and coffee capsule system. With Nespresso anyone can enjoy a true espresso experience right in the comfort and convenience of your own kitchen. Nespresso's coffee experts have assembled 16 Grand Crus with distinctive individual characteristics and aroma profiles. The finest coffee from around the world is hand selected and roasted to bring out each coffee's unique aroma and flavor. The freshness is captured in every coffee capsule!

Nespresso Q & A

Can you tell me about these Nespresso machines? Are they just for espresso?
    You can make espresso and cappuccino and lattes depending on the machine. But this one, the Citiz with Milk, is all in one unit. It has the Aeroccino right on the base. Your attachments are inside the unit, so you can froth or steam your milk and then put the capsule in and make your espresso once the milk is finished.
Can you make both cappuccino and lattes?
    Yes, you can make both.
Is there an attachment for each one of them?
    Yes. One attachment for a cappuccino, a different attachment for the latte for your steamed milk.
Does it use regular coffee? Can you buy espresso coffee and put it in there?
    No. With the Nespresso system it is using their capsules and they are color coded by flavor, the name of the capsule, and the strength. They come in a sleeve of ten. You can only buy from Nespresso online or over the phone and when you purchase the machine you would register the machine online with Nespresso and then you would become a Nespresso Club Member which also entitles you to, a couple times of year they put out special edition flavors that are only for Nespresso customers.
Do you have to order them online? What if I don't use a computer?
    You can easily order by phone as well. No matter how you order, two days later the capsules will be on your doorstep.
What makes this machine so special? I've had other espresso machines in the past. I've been to Italy and I'd get coffee there and it has great crema, that tan foam, but the machines that I bought for home use, I never seem to be able to achieve that same amount of that nice tan crema.
    The way they get their crema, that caramel coat color, is all of the Nespresso machines have 19 bars of pressure, which is one of the important things needed for a good crema. Also, the coffee is ground perfect; every capsule is ground, tamped, and ready to go so you always have the same cup of espresso whether it's the first or 10,000th cup.
Are there hot grounds leftover? Like when I make a cup of coffee at home and I have these hot grounds that I have to bang out and refill.
    It's all self-contained. No coffee. You're never touching any coffee grounds. When you put the capsule in the machine, you're putting the flat side towards you and as soon as you close the unit the machine has punctured the capsule in the front and the back and when you hit the button- your small or large button for your portion- the water just goes right through the capsule and your cleanup is just lifting the lid and the capsule drops into a container.
Is that all? When I want to make another cup of coffee, what do I do?
    You lift up the lid, put in another capsule, and it's ready to go immediately. There's no downtime.
That's a huge benefit because with those hot wet grounds.
    You're right. There's no rinsing, there's no cleaning, there's nothing.
I see that this, Citiz with Milk, comes with the frother on the unit and I've seen that some of these machines are by themselves without the frother, so you can buy it either way?
    Right. And yes, you can buy the Citiz without the milk container. And then they also have other styles of machines, there's the Pixie, it's brand new on the market and it is just a standalone espresso machine.
I see that the benefit to the Pixie is that they're made in some kind of cooler colors, but the cup of coffee that it makes is the same?
    It's the exact same. It's still 19 bars of pressure, water container on the back. Everything is very accessible. It's a slimmed down, slim-line version for footprint, but it's the exact same. No matter which machine you go with, it's going to make the same great cup of Nespresso coffee.
Do they make a Pixie with a milk frother attachment?
    Not to be purchased together, but you can buy the Aeroccino separately. They're not packaging it together, yet. So there are two different Aeroccinos. There's the stainless steel one that is by itself, and comes on its own base. It also has the two attachments, one for your cappuccino, one for your latte. They've also come out with the black Aeroccino Plus. Either one of these you could purchase with any of the machines whether it's the Pixie or the Citiz that doesn't have milk.
But what about in the summer when I like to drink iced coffees?
    It has the capability to make your frothed milk, cold. You do the same thing but you push the button twice. You want the blue for the cold milk- the blue light band around the button. It still froths the milk the same way but it doesn't heat it.
Oh, that's great! As I said, in the summertime I really like iced coffees and iced cappuccinos and that way I can make my frothed milk but not have it heated in the summer and in wintertime if I want it hot I can make it hot.
I see that there are some other machines. There's a third machine that doesn't look like the Pixie or the Citiz?
    These are the Nespresso Essenzas. Exact same machine as far as producing the crema, the 19 bars of pressure. You can buy them either way, with or without the Aeroccino. They've bundled it so you can get the Essenza and the Aeroccino for a break in price.
I like when I drink espresso, to drink it really short. So, when I put the coffee in and I put the water in and I push the button is it always going to be the same size?
    When you purchase the machine they do have the buttons factory set for a shot of espresso whether it's a small one being the Ristretto or the larger one for your cappuccino/latte portion. You can leave them at that setting or you can override it and portion it for your own tastes and all you're doing is holding the button down while the water is being dispensed. Then you release the button when your cup is perfectly filled and it will hold that memory.
Now tell me about these bigger machines with the Delonghi name on them.
    This is a joint venture between Delonghi and Nespresso. This is a one-touch cappuccino/latte machine, meaning that there is a milk container that is attached to the machine. It has the nozzle where if you wanted to make a cappuccino or latte you would have your nozzle out, obviously the milk container's attached. All you're doing is pushing one button and you'll quickly have a cappuccino or latte in your cup. This has two sets of buttons, one set being for your cappuccino or latte, the other set just for your espresso or coffee.
Are the bars of pressure still the same?
    Yes, it still makes the same great cup of coffee with crema. It's just adding a layer of convenience if you like to drink a lot of cappuccinos or lattes.
My wife and I entertain a lot. I want a machine that's the easiest to make a lot of cappuccinos at one time. It seems like this machine would be the best?
    This is ideal. You can make- with all of the Nespresso machines, but even with this one having your milk attachment- you can make cup after cup after cup, whether it's espresso or cappuccino / lattes. There's no downtime. There's no cooling down or reheating of the machine with Nespresso, you can just continuously make espressos or cappuccinos.

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