Enjoying Croissants
(March 2014)

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14 ways to enjoy croissants along with 3 step-by-step recipes.

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Enjoying Croissants
Croissants are a bread form with a myriad of possibilities! Whether from your favorite bakery or fresh from your oven, the flaky layers of buttery dough are amazing at breakfast, lunch, or dinner. The real secret about to be revealed? Croissants are very easy to make!

IN THIS ISSUE, we're starting with the end in mind - seven ways to enjoy ready-made croissants, then back to the beginning with a tutorial on how to make your own croissants, Butter, Ham & Cheese, and Chocolate. With this multi-layered dough at the ready, you'll find another seven ways to enjoy this special, yet easy pastry!
Flaky, Buttery Layers
RECIPE: Butter Croissants
Ready Made Croissants
Croissant Variations
Make Your Own Croissants
Folding For Layers
First Fold
Second - Fourth Folds
Forming and Baking
The Original Non-Stick Silpat Baking Mat
The Original Roul'Pat Pastry Mat
RECIPE: Ham and Cheese Croissants
RECIPE: Ham and Cheese Croissants
RECIPE: Pain Au Chocolate
RECIPE: Pan Au Chocolate
RECIPE: Pan Au Chocolate
Variations on a theme
Cookbook Review

Change up your bread choices by
choosing croissants and enjoy them in creative ways!

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