Gluten-Free Cooking
(January 2014)

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Gluten-free cooking doesn't have to be intimidating? We have info and great recipes to try.
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Enjoying Gluten-Free Cuisine
A huge food trend in recent years has been gluten-free diets. Gluten, a common protein found in wheat and other grains, can challenge well-being for many individuals. Cooking gluten-free requires a shift in ingredients and methods - but it's all deliciously doable!

IN THIS ISSUE, we explore gluten-free cooking particularly with dishes that are commonly dependent on wheat flour. The recipes showcase alternative, gluten-free flour mixes in Lemon Ricotta Pancakes, Grilled Pizza, and a Pear Crumble. Whether or not you're eating gluten-free, or just looking to diversify your grain choices, you'll find these dishes luscious and delectable!
Deliciously Doable

What is Gluten?
What is Gluten Free Eating?
Naturally Gluten-Free Foods
Gluten-Free Awareness
RECIPE: Lemon Ricotta Pancakes
RECIPE: Lemon Ricotta Pancakes
Cooking Technique: Grinding your Own Flour
How To Grind Your Own Flour
RECIPE: Grilled Pizza
RECIPE: Grilled Pizza
Weeknight Cooking Tools
Swiss Diamond
Nonstick pans have evolved. You'll appreciate the excellent nonstick performance and durability of this Gastrolux pan.
An amazing machine with plenty of power for grinding fresh flours (and so much more!). Choose from several models.
Joseph Joseph
Flip pancakes and other foods easily with this wide turner. Unique design keeps the head of the spatula off of the countertop.
Pizza Stone
Works well in the oven or on the grill while tolerating high temps. Looks great on the table as a serving piece as well.
Hand Mixer
Quick mixing tasks are easy with a hand mixer at the ready. Variable speed features. Stores compactly.
Le Creuset
This ceramic baker is a popular size and shape for crumbles, brownies, and smaller casseroles. Two colors.
RECIPE: Pear Crumble
Cookbook Review

Remember, food is fuel. Eat well with the best choices for your own body.

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