Sweet Summer Endings (September 2014)

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Feast on your favorite summer fruit enfolded in a delicious crust, summer-casual style.
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Sweet Endings: Crostatas, Galettes and Hand Pies
It’s happening all around us – gardens bursting with produce, trees laden with fruits, bushes yielding their colorful berries. It’s hard to know which favorite to bring into the kitchen next!

IN THIS ISSUE, we’re celebrating summer in one of our favorite ways – preparing fresh fruit desserts, rustic-style. We guide you through making your own Fresh Red Raspberry Crostata, individual Summer Peach-Almond Galettes, and a special treat every time we make them, our Best Blueberry Hand Pies. Read on, then try them yourself!
Fabulous Fresh Fruit Flavors
RECIPE: Fresh Red Raspberry Crostata
Fresh Red Raspberry Crostata
Making Great Crusts
Mixing Crust By Hand vs a Food Processor
Mixing Crust By Hand vs a Food Processor
Mixing Crust By Hand vs a Food Processor
RECIPE: Summer Peach-Almond Galettes
Summer Peach-Almond Galettes
Preparing Fresh Fruit Fillings
Preparing Fresh Fruit Fillings
RECIPE: Best Blueberry Hand Pies
Best Blueberry Hand Pies
Baking Better Looking Crusts
Crust Washes

Stretch out summer by enjoying each and every berry that comes your way!

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