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Omega 8006 Juicer

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Check out our Omega 8006 Juicer Review.

Quick facts - Omega 8006 Juicer
  • The Heavy Duty, updated Nutrition Center model
  • Convenient built in handle
  • Auger is 8 times stronger than the auger on the original Omega Nutrition Center
  • Available in chrome or white.
  • Slow, masticating, cold press juicer
  • Greate for juicing wheat grass, leafy greens, and other fruits and vegetables
  • The Included six nozzles and two screens allow you to extrude pasta or bread stick dough, make nut butters, grind coffee and spices, and much more
  • 15 year warranty for home use
See the Omega 8006 in action in these videos:
Omega 8006 Overview (read transcript below)
Making Healthy, Delicious Juice (read transcript below)
Making Peanut Butter (read transcript below)
Making Pasta Noodles (read transcript below)
Grinding Coffee (read transcript below)

The Omega 8006 is the heavy duty Omega juicer. It's also one of our best selling Omega juicers. The Omega J8006, like other similar models in the Omega juicer family, uses slow speed and masticating action to extract the juice. The masticating action ensures that the maximum amount of juice is extracted. This is evident when you see the pulp that's been extruded from the Omega juicer 8006. It's incredibly dry and dense.

The J8006 spins at 80 RPM. This is very slow as compared to other juicers, so it can be surprising to first time users. The slow speed ensures that the juice does not heat up. The heat created by normal high speed juicers destroys the healthy enzimes and nutrients that you want in the juice. You have to drink the juice immediately to gain any benefits. Since the Omega 8006 doesn't destroy these beneficial enzymes and nutrients, the juice can be stored in the refrigerator for up to three days, and it will still have all of the health benefits when you drink it.

The Omega 8006 is very good at juicing healthy vegetables, such as wheat grass, leafy greans including kale, carrots, etc. In addition to this, because the J8006 is a nutrition center model, it can perform a variety of other tasks. The Omega 8006 can make peanut and nut butters, which is great for people with nut allergies who want to avoid the cross contamination that occurs in factories. It can extrude healthy, home made pasta. The J8006 can even grind coffee, as well as lots of other grinding and food prep tasks. The J8006 includes an instruction manual with lots of recipes and ideas to get you started.

The Omega 8006 has a powerful, durable motor. It is the heavy duty, top of the line Nutrition Center model from Omega. It has heavier duty parts, and a stronger auger than the lesser priced nutrition center, so it carries a longer, 15 year warranty. The Omega 8006 Juicer is UL approved for both household and commercial use (Commercial and International use carries a 1 year warranty).

The Omega 8006 is available in both 110 volt standard US plug (J8006), and 220 volt European style Plug versions (J8226) [the J8226 is no longer available at]. It is also available in white as the Omega 8004.

The Omega 8006 is approximately 14.5 inches long, 6.5 inches wide, and 15.5 inches high. It weighs about 13 pounds. It's a great size and weight to sit on your counter, so it's easy to make healthy juice whenever you want. The chrome finish means it will look attractive as well.

The Omega 8006 is very easy to set up and clean. Easy to follow instructions for both are included. The nutrition center disassembles easily, with easy to clean parts. Attachments are top rack dishwasher safe.
Read the transcripts for our Omega 8006 HD Nutrition Center videos.

Omega 8006 Juicer Overview

Welcome to Kitchen Kapers. We're talking about the Omega 8006 slow masticating cold press juicer. This is an incredible machine. It's great for juicing fruits and vegetables. It makes quick work of leafy greens and wheat grass. It's also fantastic for doing a whole multitude of other tasks, which is what makes it unique from other juicers. You can do nut butters with this machine, you can do baby food, you can grind coffee, and you can extrude pasta. It's just an incredible machine.

The Omega 8006 HD Nutrition Center has a heavy-duty commercial motor. You have a 15-year warranty on this machine, which is a really incredible warranty. I'm just going to give you a basic rundown of the parts and how it goes together.

This is the drum that comes with your juicer. It's very easy to attach. You just slide it onto the base and you turn this piece to lock it into place; you have an open and a close there. The next thing you need is your auger. This is what's going to crush and masticate the food. That just sort of slips right into place.

You have two screen options. This is the one you're going to use if you are juicing. It has wholes to let the juice through. And this one is just a plate you can use if you are going to be doing your nut butters or your sorbets. Both just slide in real easily. You have a cap to go on the end of the drum here. That also just clicks right into place to lock.

Then you are ready to go with your funnel. This is what you are going to put your food into. That just sits on the top of the machine.

The machine also comes with a plunger for pushing the food down and two baskets, one for the juice and one for the pulp or the waste.

We're pretty much ready to start juicing.

Omega 8006 Juicer Juicing Demonstration

We're going to be juicing today with the Omega 8006. It's a slow masticating cold press juicer. We're going to show you how to juice some wheat grass in it and some other fruits and veggies and kale.

The on/off switch is in the back. We've got all our parts in place. Our tray is ready to catch the juice and the pulp.

Let me start by putting a couple carrots in. The nice thing about the Omega 8006 Juicer is it's nice and quiet; it's high powered. You can already see the pulp starting to come out and the juice on its way.

I'm going to add some wheat grass now. This is a great juicer for people who like doing wheat grass or leafy greens. This is going to be a situation where you are going to want to use the plunger that comes with your machine to just sort of push those grasses down there. We're going to follow that up with some kale. I'm also going to use my plunger here to sort of get that going.

Just so we can have some sweetness to our juice, we're going to show you how it does apples here. You can see how it's just taking those right in. The Omega 8006 HD Nutrition Center is very powerful, very quiet. It is a slow juicer. The auger is rotating at 80 RPMs. This is going to ensure that your enzymes stay intact and that you get the maximum nutrition from your fruits and vegetables. You can see I'm just putting the apple in with the peel right on it. It's no problem. I'm going to do a little more wheat grass for you. You can see that real fresh green color coming out.

It squeaks a little with the grass, but nothing too noisy there. What you're also going to see coming out the end is a real dry pulp. This shows that you're really getting the maximum yield from your fruits and vegetables, making the Omega 8006 Juicer a really efficient machine.

Omega 8006-How to Make Peanut Butter Demonstration

Hi. We're here with the Omega 8006 slow masticating cold press juicer and nutrition center. Right now we're just in the middle of making some fresh peanut butter. One of the great things you can do with this machine is do nut butters.

I'm just going to throw in a handful of peanuts here; just put them right down the chute. You can see, even crushing nuts, how quiet the machine is. These peanuts have been roasted so they're going to have a little bit more oil in them, so you're going to get a little bit of peanut butter here. If you use raw nuts, it's more going to make a nut flour for you, which then you can add oil to, to make a butter.

You can use any kind of nuts in here - almonds, cashews, peanuts. And you can see how fast you're getting peanut butter out. It's really pretty amazing. Once that all comes out - I'll just tip this forward so you can take a look here - you have a pretty yummy peanut butter. If you want to have it more creamy, like it would come from the store, you're just going to add a little bit of peanut oil or whatever oil from the type of nut you are using. But this is one of the amazing things that the Omega 8006 HD Nutrition Center can do.

Making Pasta with the Omega 8006 Juicer

We're going to make pasta with the Omega 8006 Juicer. This is one of the many things you can do with this juicer. You're going to get four nozzles that have different shapes for your pasta. You'll also get two nozzles if you want to do breadsticks, which is a really fun feature as well.

It's super easy to use. Basically, you just want to select the nozzle the shape that you're going to go for. It just fits right onto the end of your basket there. You just want to put the cap on.

Put a little flour in your plate to get started. Get your pasta dough in a small tube sized shape that fits easily into the funnel. And you're going to see just how fun this is. We're doing a linguini shape today. You'll see how quickly the pasta starts to come out. It's really fun and really simple. If you want to use kitchen shears when you get to your desired length, you can just snip it there.

As you can see, the Omega 8006 HD Nutrition Center is just an amazing machine, and it makes quick and easy work of your dough. We're going to put a little bit more in here. See how quickly it starts coming out? And we'll just pick up sort of where your last batch left off. You can go as long as you want. This is just another one of the amazing things that the Omega 8006 Juicer can do.

Using the Omega 8006 Juicer to Grind Coffee

This is the Omega 8006 slow masticating cold press juicer. We're just looking at all the different uses for it. One of the great things you can do with it is grind fresh coffee beans. The only thing you want to do is just make sure you add the coffee beans pretty slowly. But you're going to get a real nice run coming out of there, a great aroma.

That's just one of the many great things that this machine is capable of in addition to doing fruits and vegetables. You can see our really beautiful, nice, ground up, fresh, wonderful smelling coffee there.
Features Include:
  • 15 year warranty.
  • Strong, commercial motor - 2 horsepower gear reduction equivalent.
  • Available as both a standard 110 volt model and as a 220 volt model with European style plug.
  • Automatic pulp extraction
  • Heavy duty
  • Approximately 14.5" x 6.5" x 15.5"
  • Includes:
    Two Round Noodle Nozzles
    Two Flat Noodle Nozzles
    Two Bread Stick Nozzles
    Juicing and Blank Screens
    Heavy Duty Auger
    Two collection bowls
    Cleaning brush

Product Reviews

5  Excellent Purchase!, August 18, 2011
Posted By: Rob
11 people found this review helpful

Summary: Well worth the money spent!

I have been using a centrifuge juicer for the past 5 years and finally made the change. And boy, what a change! The Omega 8006 is everything they say it is. I now get almost double the yield and cleaning time is incredibly fast. My counter top even stays clean! With Kitchen Kapers selling this item tax free and with FREE shipping plus receiving my new juicer in ONE DAY from the time of my order, you could say I was more than impressed. Thank you Kitchen Kapers. With that kind of service along with an excellent product you will definitely see me back here again!

Was this rating helpful to you?   Yes No
5  Omega Juce Extractor, April 21, 2010
18 people found this review helpful

Summary: Omega juice extractor performes very well. I can confirm everything said in description . In addition I want to mention solid construction and quality of material.

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Our Price $299.95
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Item # 25006
Manufacturer # J8006
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