The Secret To Perfect Mashed Potatoes

The Secret To Perfect Mashed Potatoes - Click to enlarge
LEAVE THE SKINS ON! Peeled and cut potatoes soak up too much liquid when cooking. This makes them lose their earthy flavor and become sticky and pasty. Our favorite is baby Yukon Gold potatoes, leave the skins on and steam instead of boiling in water.

TOP SPUDS. While baby potatoes are the perfect size for cooking whole with the skins on, the honorable russet has a higher starch content and will dish up light and fluffy mashed potatoes every time. Bake whole russets.

IF YOU HAVE TO PEEL USE YUKON GOLD POTATOES. This variety contains less starch than their cousin the russet and won’t become gluey when cooked with their skins off. Rinse the peeled spuds, then steam instead of boiling. This will keep their rich earthy flavor from going down the drain!

LEAVE YOUR POTATO MASHER & HAND MIXER IN THE DRAWER. No matter what cooking method or potato you choose, for an absolutely fabulous texture use a ricer instead of a potato masher or electric hand mixer. Ricing your cooked potatoes will guarantee light, fluffy results instead of starchy, gummy mashed potatoes.

ALWAYS ADD THE BUTTER FIRST. The first ingredient you should add is butter. You want to coat the starch molecules with the fat from the butter before adding milk, half and half or cream. This very important first step ensures that your mashed potatoes will be smooth and creamy, instead of sticky and gluey! Be adventurous and try adding other flavors to your mashed spuds: roasted garlic, sautéed shallots, or chives and sour cream.

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