Peugeot Saltmills

Peugeot is the only manufacturer of quality mills to design and manufacture spice-specific grinding mechanisms in each of their hand mills. After all, peppercorns are different from salt crystals; nutmeg has little to do with chili peppers; and wet sea salt is another matter all together. Peugeot approaches each individually to design and manufacture the mechanism that is best able to grind and withstand a spice's particular structure and chemical properties. The brand has also shown a commitment to sustainability by using only PEFC-certified woods, most of it sourced from their local forests of Franche-Comté. Post-manufacture waste in the form of chips and sawdust is collected and recycled and only solvent-free paints are used for the colored finishes. And they build them to last.

The Peugeot salt mechanism is designed as two slightly conical plates with precisely ribbed surfaces in between. As salt crystals pass between the plates, the ribbed surfaces crush the salt crystals until they are fine enough to pass through the mill. Flared collars above the mechanism ensure and even feed of spice for high output per turn. The entire mechanism is made from hard stainless steel that is impervious to the corrosive properties of cooking salt. Please note that while Peugeot salt mills are ideal for any type of dry, coarse sea salt or rock salt, they are not intended for grinding wet sea salt. Peugeot offers wet salt mills to handle the unique properties of wet cooking salt. All of Peugeot's manual salt mills are fully adjustable, while electric models either feature U Select or are fixed at a medium grind. Every Peugeot salt mechanism is made in France and backed by a lifetime warranty.

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