Fabulous Father's Day Finds

Finding the perfect gift for Dad is easy at Kitchen Kapers—whether he’s the king of the grill or likes to kick back with an ice-cold brew.

Foodie fathers will love the latest in grill gear, like veggie steamer baskets, grill woks and this sleek Piastra granite grill stone from Mario Batali. The double-sided stone has flat griddle and grooved grill surfaces, and the granite material conducts heat evenly—ideal for grilling fresh fish, seafood skewers, pizzas and more. For newbie grillmasters, Kitchen Kapers carries a wide assortment of grilling essentials, such as mitts, aprons, basting brushes and utensil sets.

Item no longer available through KitchenKapers.com

The must-have for beer-buff dads is the Krups BeerTender, an at-home beer-tap unit designed for use with Heineken’s 5-liter DraughtKeg. Within its sleek black-and-chrome exterior is an internal carbonator pressure unit, so each glass offers fresh, draft-like results and the right head of foam.

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Kitchen Kapers is a family-owned, upscale kitchenware retailer with 12 stores throughout New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware.
For orders: 800-455-5567.

June 15, 2009

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