Tools that Make Holiday Cooking a Delicious Pleasure

This is the season when our homes are filled with friends and family – all eager to enjoy a home cooked meal. If you’re the one to prepare this year’s holiday feast, no worries, Kitchen Kapers is here to help. We have an assortment of tools you’ll need for the perfect holiday bird and all the fixings that go along. Check out our stores and website for all the gadgets you’ll need, including tips to help you achieve the perfect results.

Dual Head Baster from Cuisipro
With two interchangeable stainless steel heads, the Cusipro Dual Head Baster is an innovative tool that allows you to shower roasting meat with basting juices or inject it with your choice of flavorful liquids.
The first head is perforated so that you can gently and evenly shower meat with basting juices. Use the second head to inject juices directly into meats for delicious flavors and to create tenderness throughout. You can even use the baster without either head attachment.

The Cuisipro Dual Head Baster features an oversized easy to grip bulb that screws onto the tube for security while in use and for ease of removal when finished. The tube includes measurement markings so you know just how much flavor you've added. Dishwasher safe.

Item no longer available at

Roast & Serve Roasting Rack from Cuisipro
This ingeniously designed Roast & Serve Roasting Rack from Cuisipro is a non-stick roasting rack that will help to transport your turkey or roast safely and

easily. Place meat directly on the rack and place in a roasting pan. This enables the meat excess fat to remain . Then lift the rack by its handles and carry hot turkey or meat to your serving tray.
A removable pin holds the two sides of the rack together. Remove this pin and your rack will separate, allowing you to remove it from under hot roasts with little effort.

The roasting rack will hold up to a 25 pound bird or roast. The rack will fit 16" x 13" rectangular roasting pans and folds when not in use for compact storage. Nonstick surface makes for easy clean-up.

Cuisipro Roast & Serve Roasting Rack

Double Wall Stainless Steel Gravy Server
This beautifully sleek gravy server will help to create an elegant presentation at your holiday dinner. Made of 18/8 stainless steel, this gravy server has a double wall to help keep your gravy hot while sitting throughout the holiday the meal. 12 oz. capacity.

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Harvest Turkey Gravy Boat Set
This charming Warren Kimble Harvest Turkey Gravy Boat set is made of beautifully handpainted earthenware and makes a handsome addition to your Thanksgiving table. Set includes gravy boat, plate, and ladle. Gravy boat measures 7" x 5" x 5" and holds 12 ounces. plate measures 7.5" in diameter. Ladle measures 5".

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OXO Good Grips Fat Separator
Cut the fat! Oxo takes the standard gravy and fat separator and adds a unique and useful feature: a stopper that prevents unwanted fat and grease from entering the spout, so when you pour you get all the flavor and richness without any grease. This heat-resistant 4-cup separator also features a strainer and a shield that prevent spilling over the top. It has convenient measurement markings on the side, a signature Good Grips handle for comfort, and is dishwasher safe. And as with any Oxo product, the Good Grips Fat Separator is ingeniously designed to marry form with function.

OXO Good Grips Fat Separator

Endurance Stainless Steel Turkey Lifters
Use this set of high perfomance stainless steel lifters to make it easier to remove a heavy turkey or roast from the pan. The sharp 5 1/4" prongs easily pierce the meat and the long, sturdy handles provide a solid grip. Elegantly beautiful and highly functional these lifters will make a difference in the confidence you have when lifting or repositioning a heavy roast.

Made of 18/10 stainless steel with a brushed exterior. Dishwasher safe.

Endurance Stainless Steel Turkey Lifters

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November 2008

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