Scanpan Classic New Tek Product Information

Scanpan Ceramic Titanium Classic New Tek Cookware is manufactured in Denmark by Scanpan Denmark As.

Scanpan Denmark, today the largest European manufacturer of pressure cast aluminum cookware, was founded in 1956. Modern, functional Scandinavian design combines with old world craftsmanship to present SCANPAN Ceramic Titanium Classic New Tek Cookware.

For nearly 50 years, SCANPAN Denmark has been at the forefront of inventing advanced cookware technology to make life easier both for the hobby chef and the serious cook.

For more information about Scanpan Classic New Tek, click on one of the following: CARE AND MAINTENANCE
  1. Before first use, remove pan from gift box and poly bag, remove all labels and tags and wash pan in hot, soapy water. Rinse and dry. If required, assemble the glass cover knob following the instructions on the poly bag. Tighten the knob assembly by hand, only. Do not use tools. The small inside washer that goes underneath the glass cover needs to be flush with the glass surface. If you feel a sharp edge of that washer protruding after assembly, disassemble, turn the washer around and re-assemble the knob.

  2. Heat pan to working temperature. Medium heat is typically sufficient with SCANPAN Cookware for frying and sautéing. Since each stovetop has different settings, find the best heat setting for your stove by starting at a lower setting, then gradually increase the heat until water splashed on the pan surface evaporates immediately with a sizzle. High heat can be used for other applications, like boiling water, preparing stir fry pans or oven roasting etc. SCANPAN Cookware is temperature safe to 500º F.

  3. SCANPAN CLASSIC NEW TEK can be used without oil or seasoning, or you can add seasoning as required by the recipe.

  4. After use, remove food and clean SCANPAN Cookware in the dishwasher, or by hand with warm, soapy water and a brush or sponge.

  5. When storing SCANPAN Cookware and "nesting" (placing a smaller pot inside a larger pot) is required due to space limitations, we recommend to put a paper or cloth towel between the pots or pans to prevent scuff marks. Such scuffmarks would not interfere with the pan's performance but may look unsightly. Glass covers should ideally be stored upright in the SCANPAN Glass Storage rack, Item 999150 . This wooden rack, which is attractively designed to fit with most any kitchen décor, is custom made for SCANPAN Glass Covers.

Serious cooks need serious kitchen tools. Scanpan CLassic New Tek Cookware (the successor to Scanpan Titanium) is designed with the serious chef in mind, and to make life for the occasional cook easier, too.

Scanpan Classic New Tek Cookware is not comparable to traditional nonsticks. It's space-age technology. It's ceramic-titanium technology. Leading consumer publications both in the US and abroad have repeatedly awarded "Best Nonstick Cookware" ratings to the original Scanpan Titanium. For good reason.

Scan Pan Classic New Tek, available since January 2002 with a modified and updated nonstick technology, takes the original product features and benefits to the next level.

Features include:
  • Scientifically researched optimum pan base thickness to heat up quickly, distribute heat evenly · Superior heat retention
  • No hot spots
  • Permanent nonstick surface - Perfect food release every time
  • Aluminum will never come in contact with food
  • No blistering or peeling
  • No warping
  • Safe to use with metal utensils
  • No pre-oiling or seasoning necessary
  • Oven safe to 500º F
  • The easiest clean-up; now dishwasher safe or clean by hand with warm, soapy water and a brush or sponge
  • Full Lifetime Warranty

This Warranty applies to certain SCANPAN CLASSIC cookware products purchased in the United States from authorized SCANPAN USA retailers. For authorized SCANPAN USA retailers, please visit
SCANPAN products bought at auction or from private persons, including E-bay and similar web sites, are not covered by this warranty. Any warranty claim must include the retailer's name and address from which the SCANPAN product was purchased.
SCANPAN CLASSIC Cookware products are covered by a Lifetime Warranty in the US. SCANPAN CLASSIC is guaranteed to be free from defects in material and craftsmanship. The SCANPAN CLASSIC cooking surface is guaranteed not to peel, blister and crack. If properly prepared, cleaned and maintained, nonstick properties will not deteriorate over time. This warranty does not include glass lids. Replacement lids may be obtained from an authorized SCANPAN retailer. SCANPAN USA Inc will repair or replace, at SCANPAN's discretion, any item found to be defective, to the original purchaser. The decision whether an item is considered defective under this warranty rests solely with SCANPAN USA Inc. Should a defective item no longer be available, for whatever reason, an item of similar function and value will be substituted. The SCANPAN Warranty is not a money-back guarantee.
SCANPAN product claimed as defective under this warranty must be sent post paid to:

Attn. Warranty Services
10 Industrial Ave
Mahwah NJ 07430

for inspection and repair or replacement. Allow 2 - 4 weeks for disposition and processing of warranty claims.

For all warranty inquiries, please contact Scanpan at 800-367-0845 or online at

Scanpan Ceramic Titanium Classic New Tek Cookware is manufactured in Denmark by Scanpan Denmark As.

Scanpan Denmark, today the largest European manufacturer of pressure cast aluminum cookware, was founded in 1956. Modern, functional Scandinavian design combines with old world craftsmanship to present SCANPAN Ceramic Titanium Classic New Tek Cookware.

Scanpan Classic New Tek has been available in the US since January 2002 and succeeds the original Scan Pan Titanium. Scanpan Classic New Tek features an updated, patented surface technology that is still using our patented ceramic-titanium foundation as its base but works with a new nonstick compound with a different chemical and molecular structure. The result is a "closed" nonstick surface that is

now offering perfect food release all the time,
no longer requires pre-oiling or seasoning before use and is
dishwasher safe.

The surface of Scanpan Classic New Tek is based on a number of different patents. The original surface was first introduced in Europe in 1986 and in the US in 1987. SCANPAN 2001+ Cookware, as it was then called, caused an immediate stir in the cookware market since it was the first cookware, and still is the only cookware, that combines a professional cooking utensil with long-term nonstick convenience, backed by a genuine full lifetime warranty. Each time that consumer publications have tested cookware between 1987 and 2000, Scanpan Cookware was consistently awarded "Best Nonstick Cookware" ratings and "Best Buy" recommendations.

The best way to understand Scanpan's technology is to take a step back and look at traditional nonsticks. They are great in releasing food. That's about where most of them stop. And we all know how annoying it is to keep the breakfast sausage, bacon and eggs in that tiny circle in the middle of the pan to cook and fry - move them to the side, and the sizzle stops. Somehow the handles always seem to be just about falling off. And the pans themselves sometimes have warped and curled into undulating metal that won't sit still on that burner, losing contact with the heating element. Over time, the nonstick surface comes off, finds its way into the food, and it is time to buy a new nonstick pan. Again.

Then there are the more expensive, more heavy-duty pots and pans. They cook evenly, have no hot spots, and you can use metal utensils. But - the food sticks to these "traditional pros". Unless we use lots of butter or other seasoning.

That's where Scanpan Classic New Tek comes to the rescue. We start with the best tradition in professional cookware: Pressure-cast aluminum. Aluminum is an excellent conductor of heat. The Scan Pan heavy-duty base is literally forged into shape under 200 tons of pressure. That's the only way to really eliminate hot spots and to create a perfectly even pan base. And we have researched the optimum thickness for the pan base to prevent any warping and, at the same time, create the perfect condition for the pan to heat up quickly and evenly. Our combination of raw material, pressure casting and thickness of the pan body, thus, results in perfectly even heat distribution, superior heat retention and a perfectly flat pan base for life. Scanpan Cookware is especially engineered for halogen, ceramic and electric ranges but will, of course, work on gas and electric coil ranges, as well.

Now to Scanpan's space-age surface: Both ceramic and titanium are incredibly hard materials. After having pressure-cast the raw pan body, the ceramic-titanium compound is super-heated to 36,000º F (thirty six thousand degrees!) at which point it liquefies. The ceramic-titanium enters a "plasma state". That liquid plasma is then fired into the pan surface at twice the speed of sound. Lots of heat and impact. The ceramic-titanium literally anchors itself in the aluminum surface and becomes one with the pan.

That's NASA technology. The Scanpan surface technology is based on the principle of using ceramic tiles on the space shuttle, which prevent the shuttle from burning up during re-entry into the earth's atmosphere. We have that concept patented for aluminum nonstick cookware.

When looking at Scanpan Classic New Tek under a microscope, we see something like a lunar landscape. A myriad of mini-craters, all similar in size and shape. These craters were created when firing the ceramic-titanium compound into the cooking surface, and are then filled with our specially formulated New Tek non-stick compound. The compound is in the craters, not on them. The ceramic-titanium protects it from being scraped away. Even if you use a metal spatula. We have tried. Ran a metal spatula with a 2-lb-weight over the Scanpan surface 300,000 times. A third of the spatula was literally ground away after the test (performed by an independent laboratory in Germany). The pan's non-stick surface and performance remained perfectly intact!

The MOHS scale measures hardness of gemstones. Diamonds come in with a perfect 10. Scanpan Classic is a 9.5. There is no tool in your kitchen that could damage or destroy the Scan Pan surface. If we can't destroy the surface, we can't get at the non-stick compound. If we can't get at the non-stick compound, it can't be scraped away. If we can't scrape it away, it will work for as long as you own the pan. It's in there for keeps! This is truly the last non-stick pan you will ever have to buy (pardon our using this rather overused phrase!). And we guarantee it with a full lifetime warranty.

There are a few other things that set Scan Pan Classic New Tek apart from the rest of the field:

Tired of lifting hot metal lids to see what's going on with your food? Our glass lids solve the problem and let you see what's cooking. They are interchangeable, too, between pots and pans and Sauté pans. And yes, they are available separately.

Tired of loose or wiggly handles that seem to barely hang on by the threads of their screws or rivets? Our patented spring-lock handles won't come loose. No room for food particles to hide behind the rivets and create a haven for bacteria. And they stay cool on the stove, no need for cumbersome handle sleeves. And the whole line is oven-safe to 500º F. Great for finishing off puffy omelets, or preparing that roast or casserole. Or even baking cookies and cornbread in a Scanpan fry pan! Scanpan Classic New Tek is unique in its technical construction and nonstick surface. And it is the easiest to use and to clean:

The new Scanpan Classic New Tek surface requires no pre-oiling or seasoning. Heat the pan to working temperature and start preparing your meal.

After use, clean the pan in the dishwasher, or by hand with warm, soapy water and a brush.


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