Top 10 Cooking Essentials by Helen Chen

The following tools have been chosen by Helen Chen, Joyce Chen's daughter, as essentials for any Asian kitchen.
    These tools are the tools and accessories I use every day in my own home kitchen. They not only help make the preparation of meals quick and easy, but without them, work in the kitchen would be a drudgery. Cookware and kitchen accessories are the tools of the trade for cooks. Just a musicians and artists need their instruments and paints, the cook needs quality tools that are appropriate for the tasks at hand.
Top 10 Cooking Essentials by Helen Chen:
  1. Chinese Kitchen Knife

      The Joyce Chen Chinese kitchen knife is perfect for any kitchen - Eastern or Western. Its shape and weight lets you cut anything quickly, evenly and cleanly. Surprisingly versatile and comfortable to use. No Asian kitchen should be without one.

  2. Cutting Board

      My preference in cutting board material is Polyethylene. It's easy to clean and use. However, not all polyethylene boards are the same. Some are very dense and hard, making cutting fatiguing and tends to dull the edge of your knife. The Joyce Chen boards are especially designed to mimic the density of wood and will never dull your knife.

  3. The Peking Pan

      (The original Stir Fry Pan and Joyce Chen Woks) Our Peking Pan is probably the single most versatile piece of cookware you can own. Its flat bottom rests securely on any type of stove top - gas, electric, halogen or induction. The high, rounded sides are ideal for no-spill stir frying. Joyce Chen offers a variety of woks in different styles, sizes and price levels for every cook.

  4. Bamboo Steamer

      Steaming is one of the healthiest ways to cook. It requires no oils or fats and steam quickly cooks food to perfection without loss of vitamins and minerals. For vegetables, seafood and dim sum, the bamboo steamer is definitely an Asian kitchen essential.

  5. Rice Cooker

      Rice is the staple at every Asian meal. Electric rice cookers are very popular, but for those who want perfect, easy to cook rice for less money, the Joyce Chen Microwave Rice Cooker is wonderful. Light, compact, easy to use and perfect rice every time.

  6. Asian Mandoline

      This mandoline is especially designed for Asian cuisine which demands finer and smaller slicing and shredding. Our mandoline comes from Japan and performs a myriad of different cutting tasks. The Joyce Chen Asian Mandoline Plus comes with three detachable stainless steel shredding blades, finger guard and see-through catch-all tray. Shredding has never been this easy!

  7. Unlimited Scissors

      The best all-around kitchen scissors ever made. Soft, flexible handles mean no painful pressure points. Perfect for left or right-handed people. Designed to provide powerful leverage that allows you to cut through lobster shells, and chicken bones with surprising ease. Used and loved by thousands of culinary professionals. A Joyce Chen exclusive.

  8. Ginger Grater

      Its raised teeth make it the perfect tool to separate the soft pulp from the tough and fibrous gingerroot. Perfect for making grated ginger for sauces, dressings and stir fry.

  9. Brass Wire Skimmer

      The wide, shallow brass wire basket is ideal for lifting and draining foods from hot oil, soups, stocks and boiling water. The long, natural bamboo handle stays cool. A favorite with both western and eastern chefs.

  10. Bamboo Kitchen Tools

      Made from one of nature's most prolific and strongest materials. I love bamboo because it's durable and strong, won't conduct heat and is dishwasher safe. Ideal for every use. It won't scratch even your finest stainless steel cookware.

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