Type 301 Knives Designed by F.A. Porsche

Chroma type 301 is professional quality, high-carbon stainless steel cutlery with a uniquely shaped handle created by the F.A. Porsche design house. The type 301's stark but beautiful design has a striking appearance that almost belies the performance-oriented nature of these premium culinary tools. But make no mistake, these knives are tremendously competent for the professional chef and serious home cooking enthusiast.

The handle of the CHROMA type 301 is constructed of 18/10 stainless steel and it seamlessly transitions into a blade made of high-quality Japanese 301 stainless steel alloy. One of the type 301's unique characteristics is a steel "pearl" that provides some bearing for the user without getting in the way of many possible grips. The blade of each knife is carefully hand sharpened with a slight 17% bevel on each side; they are not suitable for use on frozen foods or hard bones.

While Chroma type 301 knives are stain resistant for relatively easy maintenance, there are some specific use and care requirements to be aware of. Type 301 cutlery should NOT be used with a steel, as Chroma claims it can damage the blade. Instead, they recommend the blades be resharpened only with original Type 301 whetstone, which is offered for separate purchase. And of course the cutlery should be washed and dried by hand and stored properly. Full care instructions are included with each Chroma type 301 product.


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