Deep Fat Frying

In the "deep fry" technique, foods are given a coating, then submerged in hot fat until cooked. This method effectively locks in moisture and simultaneously creates a crispy exterior with rich flavor. Many deep fried foods are pure sensory joy. Unfortunately, they are also relatively high in fat...still, we just can't stay mad at a good french fry for long. And this method really is ideal for many creative hors d'ouevres, sweet and savory treats and comfort foods. Counter top deep fat fryers are convenient and safe, but a good heavy pot on the stovetop with clean oil works too. Care must be taken not to over crowd the pot or fryer and to allow items to drain off once removed from the oil. Since most deep fat frying occurs at 350 degrees, it is important to use a light oil with a high smoking point such as peanut or canola oil.

Different foods use different coatings but may include anything from a light dusting of flour to breadcrumbs, batters and more. This is a fast method that is best suited to smaller pieces of tender meats, seafood and vegetables. Pastries, batters and pastas can also be deep fried for sweet or savory treats.

Popular deep-fried foods include French fries, chicken wings, fritters, fried calamari, tempura and spring rolls.

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