Why Use a Knife Sharpener?

The pleasure of using fine cutlery depends largely on the sharpness of the cutting edge. Advanced technology sharpeners are now available that will create ultra-sharp edges and extend the life of your fine knives.

A knife gets dull because the edge, which is thinner than a human hair, folds over. One way to keep a knife sharp longer is to use a sharpener that creates a stronger, longer lasting edge.

There are basically two types of sharpeners: those that unfold the edge, such as sharpening steels, and those that create a new edge, such as stones and precision angle-guided diamond abrasive sharpeners.

The traditional sharpening steel can unfold the edge, but requires significant skill and practice. The straightened edge is still weak and will quickly fold again. Eventually, the edge breaks off or folds so tightly that it canít be straightened with a steel , and must be sharpened by other means.

The secret to keeping knives sharp longer is to create an edge that resists folding. The strongest edges are arch-shaped vs. V-shaped, or hollow ground. The arch shaped edge is symmetrical with more metal to support the cutting edge. Creating this edge requires precision angle control.

Traditional stones provide no angle guides and require effort, skill and patience. Conventional high speed sharpening wheels or grinders can remove excess metal and detemper (over heat) the edge so that it is weak and will fold over quickly in use.

That in mind, manual or electric sharpeners give you the guides for precise sharpening and total control.

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