Cake, I Love You

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It's been said that successful baking is about following instructions to the letter. And if you want to learn the secrets of preparing perfectly moist delicious cakes, then there's no better baking tome to study than food columnist Jill O'Connor's Cake: I Love You. At once a tender missive to the frosting-covered pastry and a detailed chronicle of how best to stock a baker's pantry, collect the essential baking tools, and of course, "build a better cake," O'Connor's book is also a friendly pastel colored exploration into the beauty and rewards of cake baking. With a collection of caramel, chocolate, and fruit based recipes and tons of photographs featuring the plumpest, creamiest, moistest cakes around, you might have to stop yourself from licking the pages. Cake: I Love You: Decadent, Delectable and Do-able Recipes By Jill O'Connor. Published by Chronicle Books. Hardcover. 176 pages.

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