Peugeot Daman Nutmeg Mill

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Freshly ground nutmeg is a powerful flavor that can transform a dish with sweet, warm "baking spice" elements. The Peugeot Daman Nutmeg Mill is designed for easy, safe and precise application of nutmeg's potent flavor. The Daman holds about three nutmegs (included with the mill), and is equipped with a powerful claw and double blade grating system. Simply twist the head to release the finely ground, fragrant spice into cream sauces, gnocchi, lamb and pork dishes and all your fall baking. The contemporary design of the Daman makes an elegant addition to your prep area or the stove side. The Peugeot Daman Nutmeg Mil is made in France and backed by a manufacturer's 5 year/ lifetime warranty.

Features of the Peugeot Daman Nutmeg Mill include:
  • Stores and finely grates nutmeg directly into dishes for maximum aroma and flavor
  • Highly effective and durable claw and double blade grating system
  • Simple operation and precise output
  • Stainless steel and acrylic body with a magnetic cover
  • Comes with 3 whole nutmegs
  • Lifetime warranty on the grinding mechanism; 5 year warranty on the body of the Mill
  • Made in France
  • 6.3" h

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