Tequila Beyond Sunrise

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Indulge in the world's most fun (and infamous!) spirit. Tequila Beyond Sunrise by Jesse Estes will teach you all about the proud heritage of agave-based spirits. Start with a margarita! Choose from a Pink Pomegranate to a Greener Pastures, and then try something more complex such as a Hibiscus Highball or Mezcal Mule. If you prefer something a little more moody, try a Fallen Angel or brace yourself for a Tequila Smash. Finally, unleash your wild side with an Under the Volcano!
It’s the perfect accompaniment to a Mexican meal full of spicy flavors and the ideal fuel for dancing the night away!

Tequila Beyond Sunrise: Over 40 tequila and mezcal-based cocktails from around the world By Jesse Estes. Published by Ryland Peters & Small. Hardcover. 64 Pages.  

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