Progressive 1 Cup Citrus Juicer

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Progressive's clever design packs a ton of function into a 4" diameter! The 1 Cup Citrus Juicer is made from durable, heavy duty plastic and centered around a traditional reamer/seed catcher design. It's suiatable for lemons, limes and oranges. The reamer sits in a rounded but stable non-skid base with a dedicated spout for catching and pouring off fresh juice. The domed clear lid doubles as a measuring cup and, like the half-cup base, is marked in Imperial and Metric increments. Perfect for home cooking and baking use! All parts are dishwasher safe and come together for organized, compact storage. The Progressive 1 Cup Citrus Juicer measures 4" in diameter.

Features of the Progressive 1 Cup Citrus Juicer include:

  • A clever, space-saving design for juicing limes, lemons and oranges
  • Dome lid doubles as a measuring cup with measurements in tablespoons, cups and milliliters
  • Non-skid base stays in place and features a dedicated pour spout
  • Made of heavy duty plastic
  • Dishwasher safe
  • 4" l x 4" w x 4" h

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