Bodum Assam 34 oz Teapot Black

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The Bodum Assam 34 oz. Black Tea Pot is the brand's best selling tea pot. The borosilicate glass design is classic in its simplicity and includes a snap-in-place black polycarbonate lid with plunger and a spacious steeping chamber that gives loose or bagged teas all the room needed for a full, flavorful infusion. The silicone plunger locks tea leaves into the bottom of the filter once brewing is complete, cutting off exposure of water to the tea leaves (this allows quality tea leaves to be used for a second pot). There is no need to remove the clear infuser before pouring. Perfect for use with loose or bagged teas. The large, comfortable handle stays cool to the touch and all parts are dishwasher safe. Measures 6.7" l x 5" w x 5.3 h.

Features of the Bodum Assam 34 oz Teapot Black include:
  • 34 oz. borosilicate glass teapot
  • Ideal for serving 3-4 people
  • Black polycarbonate lid with plunger and clear infuser basket
  • Patented system stops brewing when tea is plunged
  • All parts are dishwasher safe
  • 6.7" l x 5" w x 5.3 h

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