Bamboo Compost Pail

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This Bamboo Compost Pail has a 3.25 quart/3 liter plastic liner that has a carrying handle for easy transport to the compost bin.

The Bamboo Compost Pail is the perfect solution for effecient recycling of kitchen food scraps. Use a compost pail to hold vegetable trimmings, tea bags and leaves, coffee grounds, herbs, eggshells or spent flowers until transferred to an outdoor compost bin.

Do not include any meat or meat by-products, fish, fats or dairy products. These items do not contribute to optimum compost and can attract animal pests to your yard.

The Bamboo Compost Pail contains two charcoal filter in the vented lid to ensure an odor-free environment for several days without having to empty the contents. Replace both filters every 2-6 months or sooner if odors are not being contained.

To replace the filters: Turn the lid upside down, remove the square filter and then the round one. Replace each filter with a new one.

Hand wash only. Please remove the filters before cleaning or washing the pail.

A little information about composting:

Composting is based on the process of decomposing organic materials. The most typical form of composting uses an outdoor compost bin which can be store-bought and made of plastic, or homemade from chicken wire and wood.

People who garden typically like to establish a "compost pile" where they can add yard waste (grass clippings, leaves, non-woody plant parts, soil) and their collected kitchen scraps - items collected in the Compost Pail. Over time, all these organic ingredients begin to break down (decompose) and the end result is called humus.

Humus can be used as a top dressing mulch for plants, shrubs and trees or added to the soil as an amendment. Any way it is incorporated into the soil greatly benefits plants due to it's rich organic ingredients.

To sum up, composting is the method used to create humus, the nutrient-rich end result.

Gathering organic kitchen and yard waste ingredients makes for a nutritious humus that all your garden and yard plants will thank you for by producing bountiful flowers, fruits and healthy growth.

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