America The Cookbook

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This epic tome is a lot like America itself... Big. Bustling. Colorful. Dynamic. A sweeping melting pot of flavors, traditions, experiences, and culture, America The Cookbook takes you on a foodie's tour of the 50 states. And, really, is there anything more American than the road trip? At 700+ exhaustively researched pages, this book includes 50 recipes from each state along with companion essays, contributions and menus from 100 food experts and chefs, plus over 800 recipes of fusion foods, vegan and vegetarian snacks, allergy friendly favorites, fast, five ingredient feasts, and more. And it's all authentic American cuisine, collected here for anyone and everyone to enjoy, appreciate, and savor! America The Cookbook: A Culinary Road Trip Through the 50 States By Gabrielle Langholtz. Published by Phaidon Press. Hardcover. 768 pages.

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