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What you eat begins at the store. Author Bonnie Matthews has created a book of delicious, healthy recipes chock full of the amazing ingredients exclusively found at Trader Joe's. With over 75 recipes that will definitely satisfy your taste buds, this cookbook is equipped to bring smiles to the entire family with kid-friendly snacks and date night cuisines. In addition, Bonnie caters to different diets, with vegan and vegetarian friendly options for main and side dishes.
For cooks-on-the-go, Trader Joe's Eat Your Way Healthy Cookbook includes simple skillet meals that incorporate grains, proteins and veggies all in one! No-brainers for portioning out for the week that will help you save money. Bonus sections include how to shop at Trader Joe's and read the labels with a grocery list of essential ingredients for successful healthy mindful eating.
Eat Your Way Healthy at Trader Joe's Cookbook by Bonnie Matthews. Published by Sky Horse Publishing. Hardcover. 208 pages.

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