Mac 'n' Cheese

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Perfect the fine art of creating the ultimate comfort food with Mac 'n' Cheese by Laura Washburn.
Whether you've been searching for the perfect recipe for Classic Macaroni and Cheese or want to switch things up a bit with mouthwatering variations, this book is for you! Take your macaroni and cheese to the next level with Serrano Ham, Smoked Paprika and Spanish Blue or try Laura's luxe Lobster Thermidor. Or, whip up a veg version that's just as tasty with her recipes for Butternut Squash and Sage or Mushroom, Tarragon and Taleggio. Don't forget to enjoy every last bit of each crunchy, golden mouthful. Mac 'n' Cheese: Traditional and Inspired Recipes for the Ultimate Comfort Food By Laura Washburn. Published by Ryland, Peters, & Small. Hardcover. 64 pages. 40 color photographs.

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