Set of 2 Top It Can Resealers

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Bring your favorite canned soda, root beer, or sparkling water to the beach, barbecues, or wherever you want to go with this Set of 2 Top It Can Resealers. The BPA-free plastic flip-top lid creates an airtight seal on opened cans so cola stays fizzy, fresh and delicious for hours. The lid won't leak and it keeps bugs and dirt out of the can so you can enjoy your drink no matter where you are. The reusable Top It Can Resealers are dishwasher safe.

Features of the Set of 2 Top It Can Resealers include:
  • Reusable covers snap onto soda cans to prevent spills
  • Flip-top lid keeps drinks fresh and fizzy with a leak-proof airtight seal
  • Great for picnics, trips to the beach, barbecues, or any time
  • Available in assorted colors
  • BPA-free
  • Dishwasher safe

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