Game Over Handheld Bug Zapper

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"Game Over" is printed in bright red letters on the Charcoal Companion Handheld Bug Zapper to warn pesky bugs to stay away from your barbecue. If those flies and mosquitoes don't get the hint, the low voltage zap they get from the net as you swat them away from your food and drinks will certainly get a permanent message across. The tennis racket shaped bug zapper makes a game of protecting your table from pests- and you'll always win. Plus, you can keep the air clear of toxic bug sprays. The Game Over Bug Zapper requires two AA batteries (not included).

Features of the Charcoal Companion Game Over Handheld Bug Zapper include:
  • Tennis racket shaped bug zapper uses low voltage electric current to zap bugs
  • No need to use toxic bug sprays
  • Requires two AA batteries (not included)
  • 18.75" l x 7.75" w

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