Salt Block Grilling

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Mark Bitterman knows salt. He's the owner of a New York City boutique that specializes in gourmet finishing salts and author of four acclaimed books on the subject of salt-infused cooking. Now, the talented food writer is back with more notes on his favorite seasoning. This time, he's taken his beloved salt block outdoors and directly to a hot grill for some serious searing and smoking. In this, his fifth foray into the world of salt, Bitterman gives a mini science lesson on why salt block cooking works so well, and carefully explains exactly how to grill efficiently, effectively, and oh so deliciously with these wonderful blocks of pink salt. Included in Salt Block Grilling is every mouthwatering way to fry, roast, and "bake" with a salt block, with chapters on and recipes for meat, poultry, seafood, produce, dairy and dough. Plus, Bitterman tells you how to take care of your salt block to get the most use out of it- even suggesting ways to process spent cooking blocks for seasoning salt. Salt Block Grilling is a must for flavor-obsessed outdoor grilling enthusiasts. Salt Block Grilling: 70 Recipes for Outdoor Cooking with Himalayan Slat Blocks by Mark Bitterman. Published by Andrews McMeel. Hardcover. 192 pages.

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