Kelly Craig's Smoke Bomb

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Bring rich, smoky flavor to your grilled foods with these Smoke Grill Bombs from Kelly Craig. Individually wrapped in cotton muslin and filled with wood shavings, these smoker balls work in charcoal and gas grills. To use, just soak the Smoke Grill Bombs in water for five minutes, wrap in foil that's been ventilated with slits, and place directly on the flame. The grill flames will consume the smoke bomb and your burgers, steaks, wings, chops, and veggies will soak up the delicious wood-smoked flavor. Available in Maple and Cedar.

Features of the Smoke Grill Bomb include:
  • Contains all natural wood shavings wrapped in cotton muslin that perfectly smokes meats, seafood, and poultry
  • Works in charcoal and gas grills, adds smoky flavor
  • Fast and easy to use
  • Made in America from responsibly sourced and sustainable SFI-certified wood
  • Available in Maple and Cedar
  • Made for one time use

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