Totally Bamboo Pack of 50 Flat Skewers

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Totally Bamboo's Pack of 50 Flat Skewers are designed to hold foods more securely than other skewers for better grilling results. Since foods can't spin so easily on the wider, flat shape, you'll get better grill marks and more even cooking for ka-bobs, barbecued shrimp and more! The 12" skewers are made from strong, rigid bamboo with a well-sharpened point and smooth, well-finished surface. They are a smart choice for ensuring expensive shellfish, beef and other meats turn out their best on the grill.

Features of the Totally Bamboo Pack of 50 Flat Skewers include:
  • Pack of 50 12" bamboo skewers
  • Flat design helps secure foods and prevents spinning
  • Ideal for ka-bobs, grilled shrimp and keeping lobster tails straight
  • Disposable
  • 12" l x 3" w x .7" h

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