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Haiku Damascus Knives

The Chroma Haiku Damascus Series is a celebration of the tradition and excellence of Japanese cutlery. Chroma has contracted the highly skilled Master Knifesmiths of the Sumikama company to hand-forge and hand-finish each blade using the traditional forge-welding process. The hand-forged blades have a VG-10 cutting core, clad with 16 layers of SUS410 high-carbon stainless steel per side for a total of 32 layers. The tell-tale wavy pattern on the flats of the blade are created when the knife is ground and polished into shape. This ancient forge-welded method results in extremely sharp and thin blades with strength and excellent corrosion resistance for easy maintenance. The blades are hand fitted into natural Honoki Wood handles and fixed in place by the signature Japanese Bamboo Meguki Pin. With time and use, the Honoki wood is known to mold to the user's hand. Chroma backs the Haiku Damascus Series with a lifetime warranty. Hand washing is recommended for long handle life.

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