Hammer Stahl 3 Piece Sharpening System

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The Hammer Stahl 3-Piece Sharpening System combines a double sided 1000/6000 grit whetstone, a 9” honing steel and a properly angled bamboo stand to help you maintain a beautiful edge on any straight-edged blade. This high-quality manufactured wetstone is the surest way to give your knives the sharpest edge, with a smooth side (6000 grit)for everyday honing, and a coarser side (1000 grit) for weekly or bi-weekly sharpening. The angled bamboo stand creates the proper angle to make sharpening much easier- simply keep you blade parallel to the work surface and the stand will naturally align you edge to the proper angle. The system includes a honing steel to help you keep the edge between sharpening and the stand works with the steel as well. Please thoroughly lubricate your whetstone with water prior to use.

Features of the Hammer Stahl 3 Piece Sharpening System include:

  • 3 piece set includes dual grit wet stone, angled bamboo stone base, 9" honing steel
  • Built-in angle guide makes precision honing easy
  • Two honing surfaces: smooth, 6000-grit for everyday honing; and 1000-grit for weekly care
  • Honing Steel is 9 Inches long
  • Angled bamboo base holds both stone and steele for organized storage

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