Fruit Fly Trap

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Fresh fruit makes a truly tempting centerpiece... but sometimes it tempts some uninvited guests that can ruin the display. The Fruit Fly Trap is a simple innovation that lures flying pests away from your fruit. The design consists of a ceramic cup with perforated stainless steel top. To create a trap that fruit flies can't resist, just fill the cup with an apple cider vinegar mixture and set near your fresh fruit. The trap captures the fruit flies and keeps them out of sight, so all you have to do is empty it frequently and refill with the vinegar mixture. The Fruit Fly Trap is dishwasher safe and comes with complete instructions.

Features of the Fruit Fly Trap include:
  • Easy to use ceramic trap with perforated 18/8 stainless steel top
  • Just fill cup with apple cider vinegar mixture to lure fruit flies from fresh produce
  • Instructions included
  • Dishwasher safe

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